It is all about who wins The X Factor USA 2013 tonight and everyone is out there making their predictions and saying why so-and-so will be named the winner of The X Factor USA Season 3. However, we are giving you the chance to pick the winner in our The X Factor 2013 poll below. It is down to Carlito Olivero, Jeff Gutt and Alex & Sierra. They all performed three times last to prove they deserved the win, but who will actually get it? Vote below in our The X Factor USA 2013 spoilers!

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The X Factor 2013 Season 3 Spoilers - Top 3

Last night on The X Factor USA Season 3, the three acts took on three performances: their song to win it, a celebrity duet and a performance of their favorite song from the season. There was a lot of praise from these judges  and some of it is not warranted. I mean, how can they say they all do amazing over and over again. Are they listening to the same performances as us? I feel they do this just to make us like them and seem like the judges picked the best performers out there, but I am doubting that!

Now it is time to figure out who we are voting for tonight on The X Factor Season 3 finale. We will have to sit through two hours of performances before finding out the results on The X Factor USA 2013, but we have sat through worse this season, right? So, cast your vote here on who you think is the winner of The X Factor USA Season 3:

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