Three acts remain on The X Factor USA 2013 and we have to sit through two hours of performances tonight before we find out who won The X Factor USA Season 3! It is down to Jeff Gutt, Carlito Olivero and Alex & Sierra and one of them will win a $1 million recording contract thanks to America’s votes and Simon Cowell! I think it is going to be a close battle, someone has to win The X Factor 2013, so let’s get this started. Come watch with me during my The X Factor USA 2013 Finale Live Recap and we can find out together who won The X Factor Season 3.

The X Factor USA 2013 - Finale Results

Last night on The X Factor USA Season 3, the three acts took on three performances: their song to win it, a celebrity duet and a performance of their favorite song from the season. There was a lot of praise from these judges  and some of it is not warranted. I mean, how can they say they all do amazing over and over again. Are they listening to the same performances as us? I feel they do this just to make us like them and seem like the judges picked the best performers out there, but I am doubting that!

Who wins tonight on The X Factor Season 3? It is a tossup with these three acts, so it is hard to say who will win The X Factor 2013! I still made my predictions earlier, so check them out while we wait for the recap to start!


Don’t want to know what happened on The X Factor USA 2013 Finale Live Recap or see who won The X Factor Season 3 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…did anyone else miss the change from $5 million to $1 million this season? We meet Mario Lopez and then the judges come out and time for the first performance of the night, as the Top 13 acts of the season take the stage for a performance. How did some of them make it this far?

It is Christmas at The X Factor USA 2013, so all of the Top 3 acts will be singing Christmas songs. First up is Carlito Olivero. Apparently for him it means girls barely wearing clothes chasing him around??? We then get to see a special video for Carlito from his family and friends, so bring on the tears!

For a second, I thought I would almost be excited to watch the results tonight on The X Factor Season 3. Instead, it is going to be a long night of Christmas songs being sung to me. I love me some Mary J. Blige, but I want to see her sing her songs and not a Christmas song!

One of my favorite judges this season had to be Kelly Rowland and we get to see a video of her checking out all the fine guys that took the stage this season….too funny!

Now Jeff Gutt takes the stage for his Christmas performance and I feel like the Grinch, but I am so annoyed by this. Anyone else? We see his special video and it ends with his son speaking to him and Jeff lost it and I lost it….ugh!

The last of the Top 3 take the stage, as Alex & Sierra get their turn at singing a Christmas song. Will the Christmas songs be done after this then??? Now we get to see their video and I am a freakin’ mess, yet again! God, I am glad these videos are done!

We see a video of Demi Lovato drinking “annoying juice” because she needs it to mess with Simon Cowell. However, Demi did not know about the video and you could see her get pissed watching it and she whispers “that’s fu**** up” to Kelly Rowland!

Now time for our first performer on The X Factor USA 2013 finale not singing Christmas music, as Lea Michele from Glee takes the stage to sing her new single “Cannonball.” We all know she can sing, but do you think her album will do well?

How many times do we honestly have to see the Top 3 talk about what it would mean to them if they won??? Well, at least one more time because they show us a video of them telling us why yet again!

Time for the first results of the night, as we find out who finished in third place on The X Factor 2013! Based on America’s votes, the act finishing in third place is Carlito Olivero. I do feel bad for him, but it was expected. Now I will be happy with either of the final two acts winning!

We take a look at some bad auditions and some delusional people and then it is back to the Christmas music, as Leona Lewis takes the stage to sing her song “One More Sleep.” She does sound good and I am liking this song!

You can’t have a results show of any kind without Pitbull, right? Well, so it seems He takes the stage with his new song “Timber” and no Ke$ha tonight???

Another video, as we get to see some kids watch Simon Cowell during his critiques and they put him on the naughty list! It is funny, as we see one of the kids said that Simon kicks the girls under the table! Now one last performance, as Alex & Sierra and Jeff Gutt take the stage for a performance together!

Let the screaming begin, as the boys of One Direction hit the stage. To be honest, this is something different from them and kind of a rock beat to it!

The final two acts take the stage and time to find out the results on The X Factor USA 2013! They take the stage and Mario Lopez is ready to make the announcement! The winner of The X Factor USA Season 3 is Alex & Sierra! It was not a shocker, but they were my favorite!

What do you think of the results on The X Factor USA 2013 tonight?

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