We finally have co-hosts on The X Factor Season 2 after Simon Cowell and FOX announced Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez new co-hosts for The X Factor Season 2 as we have seen many changes this season after all the firings after Season 1 ended with lower than expected ratings on The X Factor 2012.

The X Factor Season 2 announcement comes as a surprise for very few, as Khloe and Mario’s names have been thrown around for the past month or so. With the announcement, Simon Cowell said: “The worst kept secret in Hollywood is out. Mario and Khloe are our hosts. They will debut on our first live show in November and I couldn’t be happier.”

It is clear that they are trying to gain the attention of a younger crowd since they fired Paula AbdulNicole Scherzinger (she is younger, but the ratings did suck) and Steve Jones (he was nice to look at, but he often came across as rude when trying to keep the show moving along last season) last year and have added Demi Lovato and Britney Spears as mentors for The X Factor 2012. The addition of Britney and Demi have worked, as they have done solid in the ratings and even beat out Survivor Philippines on it’s premiere night. However, The Voice remains the big dog for NBC and is pulling in great ratings during their audition process.

With the addition of Khloe and Mario, The X Factor Season 2 is trying to pull some of those fans from The Voice and bring them over to FOX. Do you think Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez can do that? I don’t think they are that huge of a deal and no one will want to watch just because they are the co-hosts. I guess we will find out when The X Factor 2012 goes live in November!

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