David Correy went on The X Factor Season 2 with a mission: find his birth mother. That dream may have come true according to TMZ. Luciene Lima was watching The X Factor 2012 as it aired in Brazil and she thought David looked a lot like the son she gave up for adoption. If this is a true story, then what a wild ride that would be for David Correy. He makes the Top 16 on The X Factor Season 2 and then he finds his birth mother?

Luciene Lima checked into the adoption through the Brazilian courts and it seemed to confirm her thoughts. Now with all this information, Lima didn’t know where to turn to next. She contacted the media and a newspaper was able to put her and David Correy in touch with each other. This is all speculation until a DNA test is done, but right now all the paperwork lines up with David Correy’s adoption.

Correy recently tweeted a link to a Brazilian news story featuring Lima that said, “I pray this is really my birth mother…Everytime I watch this I envision myself there.” Correy auditioned for The X Factor 2012 in front of Simon CowellL.A. ReidBritney Spears and Demi Lovato and told them he was hoping that The X Factor Season 2 would help him to find his birth mother, who gave him up for adoption when she was 14 years old.

I guess we will find out as time goes on, but David is focused on The X Factor live shows, which are set to kick off on November 1, unless baseball pushes it back. David is part of the Over 25s category with his mentor L.A. We are down to the Top 16, so things are about to get interesting.

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