We saw the end of the Voice Battles last night on The Voice USA 2015 and that means the teams on The Voice USA Season 8 are in place as the Knockout Rounds begin next week! We are moving along so quickly, so let’s take a look at Team Blake on The Voice 2015! Who did Blake Shelton move on to the Voice Knockouts? Check out Team Blake on The Voice Season 8 below in our The Voice USA 2015 spoilers!

The Voice USA 2015 Spoilers - Voice Knockouts Team Blake

Last night on The Voice USA Season 8, it was a quick hour of battles and we had six of them to get through. Of course, NBC gave us three of the battles and then did a quick results on the other three. It was a little boring of a night for me, as no one really wowed me and the results went as expected. I like a little excitement, so work with me NBC! In the end, all of the teams were in place and we have the Voice Knockouts starting next week!

Before the Knockout Rounds on The Voice USA 2015 begin, let’s take a look at Team Blake:

  • Brian Johnson
  • Brooke Adee
  • Cody Wickline
  • Corey Kent White
  • Kelsie May
  • Meghan Linsey
  • Sarah Potenza
  • Travis Ewing

Per usual, Team Blake is stacked with country singers with a couple strays mixed in there. Will Blake bring all country artists to the live shows??? Check out Team Blake on The Voice 2015 for the Knockout Rounds:

Click on image for full view

Do you think Team Blake has the winner of The Voice USA Season 8?

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