We have another night on The Voice USA 2015, as the blinds continue tonight on The Voice USA Season 8 and time to see who the coaches on The Voice Season 8 bring to their teams! The teams are filling up fast and we should be done with the blind auditions on The Voice 2015 next week. Before then, more auditions tonight and more fighting for the singers to pick them as their coach! Check it out with us during our The Voice USA 2015 Recap and see videos of the Voice Blinds tonight!

The Voice

Last night on The Voice USA Season 8, it was another night of blind auditions and we saw some pretty good singers along the way. Adam Levine seemed to be trying a new technique, as he has been losing out on a lot of singers this season, so he would wait until the very end of the audition to hit his button and be the only coach to do so! It worked, as he picked up a few singers with this approach. However, he was the only coach to not hit their button for Travis Ewing, who impressed me with his voice and his sex appeal during his performance and he joined Team Pharrell!

Find out in our The Voice USA Season 8 Recap that follows and check out the videos of all the performances!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2015 Season 8 Blind Auditions. Don’t want to see them yet then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…

Ashley Morgan – She has been working as a background artist, so this is all new to her. She has a strong voice, even with taking on a Whitney Houston song. She has a rasp to it almost and I like her. She gets Pharrell and Blake to hit their buttons, but she picks to join Team Pharrell!

Koryn Hawthorne – She works at Little Caesars and sings the whole time she is at work! She starts out singing and I love the sound of her voice. She has a deeper tone to it and no one is hitting their button! Finally, she gets Christina and Pharrell to hit their buttons and she picks to join Team Christina!

Lexi Davila – She is shy and has never met a celebrity before, so she is a hot mess heading into this blind audition. She starts out and it seems to be all over the place and her nerves seem to be coming through. She seems to have the talent there, but she needs some work and to work on her confidence. Pharrell and Adam like what they hear and hit their button. She picks to join Team Adam!

Quincy Mumford – He is a newlywed and he actually met his wife at a show for his band! She was from New Zealand and was leaving two months later, so they traveled back and forth for two years before getting married! How cute is that??? He starts out singing and I am totally getting an Adam Levine vibe from him. Anyone else??? Adam and Pharrell come close to hitting their button, but no luck and Quincy is headed home.

Brenna Yaeger – She grew up in a log cabin with her family. When she was four years old, her parents separated and she moved away from the log cabin with her father. She is singing a Miranda Lambert song tonight and wants to be a part of Team Blake this season! It says “Adam” in the song, so Adam hits his button and said she wants him! She is simple, but I like her voice. I know it has to be difficult for Blake, especially since he is going to compare it to his wife. However, he joins Adam at the very end and, no big shocker, but she joins Team Blake!

Staff Sgt. Jeremy Gaynor – He is the male lead vocalist for the West Point Band and it is a family tradition. He loves being in the Army, but his wife is pregnant and he wants to become a professional artist. He has so much soul in his voice and he is a good looking fella with a great voice and all four coaches hit their button for him! She hit her button and gets him, as Jeremy joins Team Christina!

Jack Gregori – He is 37 years old and his family was insistent on not singing music right out of high school. He went on to get his law degree and had his only firm, but when the market crashed, he lost it all. He then started to pursue his music career again. He has that deep country voice and Adam loves him and hits his button right away on The Voice USA 2015. No one else joins him, so Jack joins Team Adam!

Briar Jonnee – Her mother was the choir director and she started singing when she was six years old. She has such a strong voice and the coaches are just sitting there! She works it out some more and Blake and Pharrell hit their button for her. Christina is watching Pharrell’s reaction, but never hits her button. Blake fights hard for her, but Pharrell is so good with his words and Briar joins Team Pharrell!

Jess Gallo – She is a dishwasher in a restaurant and her Dad is the head chef and does not want to work with him forever! She has always been introverted and hiding that she is gay, but she did musical theater and it is where she found herself and she came out to her family, who has been beyond supportive. She has a very different sound to her voice and I like it, but no coaches hit their button and she is headed home.

Brian Johnson – He joined the choir in school and he was made fun of and he was the chubby kid with a high voice and it hurt his confidence. In college, he moved past it and started his own band and performed wherever they could. His Dad got sick and his parents separated, so he moved back home to take care of him. He said he wants to be on Team Adam, as he grew up listening to Maroon 5 and would make an album like that. Within the first note, Adam hits his button and I am crying! Blake joins him and it is on! Blake truly fights for him and Brian picks Team Blake!

Corey Kent White – He is a southern boy that is hoping to win over the coaches on The Voice Season 8. He performed with a band as a child and four years ago, he got to come up on stage and perform with Willie Nelson! He has a great country voice and is so good, but none of the coaches are hitting their button for him. They all want to, but it finally happens at the very end and Blake and Pharrell hit their buttons! Pharrell brings it hard, but Blake even brings it harder and I don’t know where this is going! Corey picks to join Team Blake!

The blind auditions are done for tonight! Who was your favorite tonight?

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