Let the fun begin, as the Voice Finale kicks off tonight and the Top 4 on The Voice USA 2015 will sing for your votes tonight and we find out who won The Voice USA Season 8 tomorrow night! It all comes down to these performances on The Voice 2015 tonight, so follow along with them during our The Voice USA 2015 Finale Performances Recap that follows!

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The Voice USA 2015 Spoilers - Voice Finale Performances

Last week on The Voice 2015 Season 8, we started the week with the Voice Top 5 performing for your votes on Monday night. We think Sawyer Fredericks wrapped it up weeks ago, but both his performances ended up in the Top 5 on iTunes, so how can anyone compete with that? On Tuesday night we had the Voice Results and it was time for the final Voice Save of the season to be used. It came down to Koryn Hawthorne on Team Pharrell and India Carney on Team Christina. India could not win it again, as Koryn got the Voice Save and India Carney was eliminated!

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The fun and the live shows begin soon, so follow along with our recap below and see the videos of the performances when available from NBC!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Voice USA 2015 Finale Performances Recap or see the performance videos of the Top 4 on The Voice Season 8 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…we will get three performances from the Voice Top 4: a new song, a duet with their coach and they’ll debut a brand new original single! It is going to be a busy night, so here we go!


Koryn Hawthorne – She sings “It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” by James Brown. This could be an amazing song choice for Koryn. Let me start by saying she looks gorgeous with that dress and her hair to the side. She showed some major confidence on this song and I loved it. Her voice was so strong.

Meghan Linsey – She sings “Change My Mind” as her original single. For this one, I liked the lyrics and she was feeling the emotions of the words. She has a great voice and it sounded good on this one!

Sawyer Fredericks – He sings “Summer Breeze” by Seals & Croft with his coach Pharrell Williams. I am not sure about this one, as it seems like a boring song choice and I am not entertained. He has a decent voice on it, but not a great duet.

Joshua Davis – He sings “The Workingman’s Hymn” as his original single. Whether he sings a cover or an original song, I am just not interested in Joshua Davis. He has a good voice, but all his songs are boring and I would rather fast forward through his time on stage.


Sawyer Fredericks – He sings “Please” as his original single. It is nice to see him take on his own song and something new. He has a great voice and it is different and it is so nice to see him taking on his own stuff. This was a great song and can we just name him the winner of The Voice USA 2015?

Koryn Hawthorne – She sings “We Can Work It Out” by The Beatles with her coach Pharrell Williams. Did anyone else think Pharrell was looking at the teleprompter for the lyrics? She sounded good on it, but I am not liking the Team Pharrell duets tonight.

Joshua Davis – He sings “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. Of all song choices, this one? I think this is one of the most overdone songs on these competition shows, but here goes Joshua. This one is too big for his voice and, shockingly, I am bored again.

Meghan Linsey – She sings “Freeway of Love” by Aretha Franklin with her coach Blake Shelton. Now this was a fun duet, as Blake and Meghan have some fun up there. It seem more like Meghan singing and Blake as a backup singer, but Blake does a great job at making it about them and not him!


Joshua Davis – He sings “Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes” by Paul Simon with his coach Adam Levine. I am intrigued to hear Joshua sing with Adam. To be honest, Adam sounds so much like Paul Simon, it is crazy! This is a cool song choice and they both sound good on it.

Koryn Hawthorne – She sings “Bright Fire” as her new original single. Pharrell said he has had this single, but he could never make it work and thinks it is perfect for her. To be honest, I am liking it. I like the beat of the song and he voice sounds good on it!

Meghan Linsey – She sings “When A Man Loves A Woman” by Percy Sledge. I am loving the song choices for Meghan tonight. She is not messing around. She slows it down with this one and it sounds good with her voice.

Sawyer Fredericks – He sings “Old Man” by Neil Young. That coveted last spot on the night goes to Sawyer, which is no big shocker. While it is a typical Sawyer performance, he does sound good and it works for him. I would like to see him mix it up some, but he has done this all season and it should get him the victory tomorrow night.

The performances are done for tonight on The Voice USA 2015! Who are you voting for?

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