Week 2 of the blind auditions on The Voice 2019 are complete. While the coaches on The Voice Season 16 (Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton and John Legend) are adding even more talent to their teams, we had some four-chair turnarounds in the mix. The Voice Blinds were pretty good this week, as we take a look at the Top 5 blind auditions from the week. Check out our Week 2 picks below in our The Voice 2019 spoilers!

The Voice 2019 Spoilers - Voice Blinds - Best Auditions Week 2

We had Night 3 and Night 4 of the Voice Blinds this week and here are our Top 5 picks:

5 – Patrick McAloon

With Patrick, we had a first on The Voice. He auditioned and then right afterwards, his 16-year-old daughter auditioned! She did not make it, but Patrick did. He has been working at this for 25 years. He actually has a pretty solid rock voice and he gets the fellas to hit their buttons for him tonight and eventually joins Team Adam!

4 – Rebecca Howell

She comes from a super small town. She is 18 years old and just graduated from high school. Coming to this audition was the first time she’s ever been on a plane before! She has a great country voice and a lot of control in her voice. She gets Kelly, Blake and John to turn for her, but she picks to join Team Kelly!

3 – LB Crew

He grew up in the church and that’s where he got his passion for music. He has been singing with his little brother, who is a great piano player. He sings “Waves” and wow, goosebumps when he starts out. His voice is so smooth and good. He gets Blake and Kelly to turn around right away. He continues with that smooth voice and hits some big notes and good runs. This prompts John and Adam to join in, so we have another four-chair turnaround here. He picks to join Team Adam thanks to Adam’s constructive criticism of him!

2 – Dexter Roberts

He is a true country boy from Alabama. He is also a true contestant on American Idol, as he finished in seventh place during the 13th season. Apparently he got sick a few years ago, as it was finally determined he was bit by a tick. It took over a year to get better, but he is back and wanting to do this again. He has a great country voice and it is so strong, as he gets all four coaches to turn around for him, but picks to join Team Blake, of course!

1 – Jej Vinson

This has to be for Kelly tonight, as it’s all about no guys picking her this season! Heading into it, she said she is no longer turning around for boys! For Jej, he said music has been a huge part of his life and discovered some pop stars growing up. He is from the Philippines, but they moved to the U.S. when he was 15. He was going to become a doctor, but realized his passion was in music. Heading into it, he said John Legend would be his choice. He may have that choice, as he impresses all the coaches with his voice and his runs and another four-chair turnaround here, but this time he picks to join Team Kelly on The Voice 2019!

Who do you think had the best blind audition for Week 2 on The Voice Season 16?

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