We ended the night on The Voice 2019 last night with another four-chair turnaround! The Voice Season 16 coaches were all wanting Shawn Sounds to join their team, as the Voice Blinds are coming to an end soon. Check out the Shawn Sounds blind audition below in our The Voice 2019 spoilers!

The Voice 2019 Spoilers - Voice Blinds - Shawn Sounds Audition

For the audition, we find out that he is a middle school teacher by day and a rockstar by night. His childhood dream was to be a singer, so music is part of his class, even though he teaches a keyboarding class. He posted a video singing in class a year ago and it went viral, as Snoop Dogg even shared it! He has a good voice and it’s a slow process, but he gets all four coaches to turn around for him!

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For the coaches, Kelly Clarkson said he has a solid voice and his runs were beautiful. John Legend said his tone is beautiful and his control is great and he managed a difficult arrangement. That was one of the best ending runs he’s ever heard. Adam Levine said he knows he might be fighting a losing battle here. This dude is an artist and he paints with his voice. Blake Shelton said we seem very different, but none of that matters. His job isn’t meant to be like him, but it’s to make Shawn the best him.

In the end, Shawn picks to join Team Legend! Check out his blind audition on The Voice Season 16 here:

What did you think of the Voice Blinds last night?

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