The blind auditions on The Voice 2019 are back, as we have the Voice Premiere tonight on NBC! Yes, The Voice coaches 2019 will be working to build their teams for The Voice Season 16 beginning tonight, so let the battles between them begin! John Legend gets his own red chair tonight, so watch for that during our The Voice 2019 recap and watch the videos for the blind auditions to be posted!

The Voice 2019 Spoilers - Season 16 Premiere Recap

For The Voice, the blind auditions are one of my favorite rounds of the entire season. Not only is it nice to meet and hear these new singers, but it’s also nice to hear their backstories and what brought them to the show.

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However, the best part of the Voice Blinds has to be the camaraderie between the coaches. We all know it’s done in good fun, but seeing them bicker and fight for the singers to join their teams is hilarious to watch. We have new coach John Legend, who is going to be a threat this season. Joining Legend are Kelly Clarkson, who is looking for her third win in a row, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.

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The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2019 Season 16 Premiere Blind Auditions. Don’t want to see them yet then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…

They start with a cute video of John leaving his house for his first day, as his wife Chrissy Teigen makes him lunch and packs his bag with funny items. Then he gets on the bus, as he arrives with the other coaches and Carson Daly driving! We see a great preview video of the blind auditions and now they get started!

Gyth Rigdon

He is from a small town in Louisiana and was raised by a single father. Gyth is definitely a country singer and he said his dad is his hero, who also happened to sing and write songs. He says he likes soul too, so is excited about John being a new coach. He sings “Drift Away” and one of those first notes he hits gives me chills. Blake his right away and his dad is crying backstage, as I am too! He gets Kelly and John to turn around also, but Blake blocked John!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – John said they are haters! Adam said he’s amazing. John said he loved it and he gave it so much energy and his voice sounded clear and powerful. Kelly said he’s a fearless singer and she’s excited because she is the right choice. Blake said he performs like Garth up there and his arms are awesome.

RESULTS – If John was not blocked, I think he would have picked him. However, Gyth picks to join Team Blake!

Maelyn Jarmon

She is actually deaf in one ear, so she hears music differently. About six months ago, she was ready to give up on music, but The Voice 2019 has sparked new life in her. She sings “Fields of Gold”and her voice is very solid. She has such a smooth-sounding voice and shows off some great range during her performance, as she gets all four coaches to turn around for her and a standing ovation from them!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Blake said she has such precision and power in her voice and it cuts through everything. Kelly said she has such a God given gift that connects to people and she is unstoppable. John said it showed her skill, but she has magic too. Adam said that was astounding. It’s a seasoned voice, but it’s completely vulnerable.

RESULTSShe picks to join Team Legend, as he wins the first four-chair battle of the season!

Karen Galera

She wants to share America another side of the Latin community. Her older brother introduced her to music. He is in the Marines Corps and sent her a video message to show his support. She sings “Mi Corazoncito,” which was the first song her brother introduced her too. She gets out like one note and Kelly is already hitting her button for her! John eventually joins her.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Kelly said please pick her. Blake said he didn’t know if what she was saying was inappropriate or not, so he didn’t hit his button. Kelly said she is in love with her. John said he loved her right away, but he takes his time to decide because she is special. Adam said Kelly is going to be so sad if she doesn’t pick her, as she is exactly what Kelly wants.

RESULTS – She is not disappointed, as she picks to join Team Kelly on The Voice Season 16!

Trey Rose

Watch out, as Blake Shelton is from where Trey is from, but he is not a country singer! He is a single father and it’s a struggle with trying to make a music career, but he does have his girlfriend to support him. He sings “Wake Me Up” and I am liking his tone. He gets Adam to turn around pretty quickly, which gets his son crying backstage and so am I! Dang these auditions! Blake joins him in the end.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said this is a vintage battle and he is excited! He said he blew him away and his second half showed he could win this thing. Blake said he’s glad Adam can see he can win this and he’s going to be so happy for us. There is an energy about his performance that is infectious.

RESULTS – After a long battle between Blake and Adam, Trey picks to join Team Adam!

Kim Cherry

We see a video of the coaches talking about not seeing the contestants and it’s all about the voice. They are listening and you never know what the person looks like with the voice. Then we go into this singer, who is singing “No Scrubs.” They are good and then break out into the rap and Kelly has to hit her button and is shocked by what she sees, as is everyone because NBC finally reveals her. Blake joins her at the end.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said thank you for doing that. John turns around and says “she’s white.” Kelly said she owned it when she did the rap. She has pitch and tone and she is amazing. Blake said she is fearless for choosing that song and rapping is his thing.

RESULTS – Blake wanted her to shock everyone and pick her, which she does and Kym joins Team Blake!

AJ Ryan

When he heard that John Legend was going to be a coach this season, he felt like it was meant for him. He comes from Brooklyn and he was the first in his family to graduate from college. He sings “Love Runs Out” and he has some energy. He gives it his all, but no coaches turn around for him on The Voice 2019!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – John said he was so close, but the low notes scared them a little bit. Adam said it’s a tough song. Kelly said her favorite part is when he went big.

RESULTS – No chairs turned, so AJ Ryan is headed home tonight!

Rizzi Myers

She is a full-time mom with two kids and a full-time songwriter from Nashville. She said her life is very hectic. She was writing for many genres, but then her manager wanted her to become an artist. That’s when they focused on her weight. She sings “Breathin'” and it starts a little slow for me, but she kicks it in and she has some good range in her voice. She gets Kelly, Blake and John to turn around, but John is blocked again!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – John said they could have made beautiful music together, but he feels Kelly has blocked him. Adam said she is tremendous. Blake said this is about showcasing you and finding a coach who has won so many times. Kelly said she is ready for a soulful singer and she is so good and she seems fun!

RESULTS – Rizzi met Kelly when she was 17 years old and brought a picture from it, so you know she was meeting Team Kelly!

Lisa Ramey

She actually auditioned during Season 15, but did not get any chairs to turn around. Kelly told her to do something slower and that is what she is doing tonight, as she is singing “Sex on Fire.” She is definitely a performer and has a very strong stage presence, but her voice is not that strong to me. She can hit some big notes and has it in her, but I think she struggles with song choices. However, she gets John to hit his button right at the very end!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Kelly said the song choice was so rad. John said her voice is so powerful and it just cut through everything and he loved the song choice. Adam said perseverance paid off.

RESULTS – She joins Team Legend, as he is the only one to hit for her!

Jimmy Mowery

His dad was a lead singer in a band, but left it when his mother got pregnant. They got a divorce and she was dating someone else. Eventually, his mom and dad got back together. In 1998, her ex broke into their house and shot and killed his father! Jimmy said it gave him a tough, outer shell and he did not like to talk about it. He got his first guitar at 13 and music has allowed him to share those feelings. He wants to continue his father’s legacy tonight, as he sings “Attention.” He gets Adam to turn around for him and he seems to lose it, as his vocals fall apart and the nerves take over. However, John joins him eventually.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Kelly said he has a cool style, but she heard too many pitch things. Adam said the second he turned around, he lost it. When he got back on track, he is phenomenal. John said he has the voice and needs to make the right choices and he can coach him. Adam said his voice at it’s best could win this competition.

RESULTS – Even though Blake was fighting for John, Jimmy picked to join Team Adam.

LiLi Joy

She seems to have a plethora of wigs, which we may see this season. However, she said pick is the color she performs in. She has been bullied, so she started wearing the wigs because of that. She is singing “Cool,” which is a Gwen Stefani song! She definitely has that indie, folk sound going on and I like it. Blake turns around for her!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Blake said he hit his button because of her voice and Gwen is going to flip out when she hears it. Kelly said she wanted her to be on Blake’s team because of the Gwen thing. John liked her style.

RESULTS – No one else hit their button, so she joins Team Blake!

Nathan & Chesi

We got a duo here, as we have a husband and wife duo here. They were married three months after their first date. They sing their hearts out and Blake and Kelly are thinking about it, but no luck for them!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Blake said the key was too high for them. Kelly said she digs their sound, but wished for a different song. Adam said they were amazing and come back.

RESULTS – No coaches hit their button, so they are headed home!

Matthew Johnson

He said he is a happy guy and he is known as Mr. Personality, even as he works for a debt collection company. He is singing “I Smile” and he is hoping we all feel the same way he does. The song title is fitting, as Matthew is smiling the whole performance and it’s so infectious. His personality is amazing and his voice is very good, as he gets all four coaches to turn around for him!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – In honor of Jennifer Hudson, Adam threw his shoe at him! John said he grew up in the church and he knows where he came from. He’s got power and range and his energy lit up the room. Adam said he did not grow up in the church, but he did grow up on The Voice and everyone felt what he was singing. Blake thinks he’d be a great coach. Kelly said she is a fan and he is so joyful.

RESULTS – It was a fight for him, but Matthew picks to join Team Legend!

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