Another week of blind auditions on The Voice 2019 has kicked off and The Voice Season 16 coaches were back at it again tonight! It’s always fun to watch the banter during this round of The Voice USA 2019, especially anything that comes out of Blake Shelton’s mouth! Check out what went down tonight in our The Voice 2019 Recap below!

The Voice 2019 Spoilers - Blind Auditions Night 3 Recap

Last week on The Voice 2019 Season 16, we had the two-night Voice Premiere, as we welcomed John Legend as a coach this season. It seemed to be a battle of keeping the singers away from him on Night 1, as the other coaches were using their block on him! However, there were no blocks to be had for the four-chair turnaround for Maelyn Jarmon and she joined Team Legend! On Night 2, we had a first ever on The Voice, as we had a trio take the stage, as The Bundys joined Team Kelly!

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Check out The Voice USA Season 16 Recap that follows and check out the videos of all the performances from tonight!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s episode of The Voice 2019 Season 16 blind auditions. Don’t want to see them yet then don’t look ahead!!!


Jacob Maxwell

They start with only showing the coaches on this one. He’s got a very good voice and I like the sound of his voice. So do Kelly and John, as they hit their buttons for him. He is from a town in Iowa, which we get a look at after his audition.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Kelly said her daughter is going to love him. She loves that his voice is effortless and he moved her. Adam said he is stupid. Blake said he was waiting for that note he hit at the end. John said his voice is heavenly and loves his tone.

RESULTS – Jacob picks to join Team Legend! Kelly is upset, as she can’t get a guy to join her team this season!

Karly Moreno

She said music has been a part of her for as long as she can remember. When she’s not singing, you can find her at the skate park! She grew up with two older brothers, so she was always trying to keep up with them. She sings “Starving” and her voice is so soft and pure. She has an indie-type sound with it and it just seems to come so easy to her to sing and I am surprised that only Adam hit his button for her!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said her voice is small, but emotional and raw. Her tone sounds like she is singing a song that everyone knows. John said she sounded fantastic and she sounded wonderful and her tone was clear as a bell. He was worried about range and dynamic. Kelly said the purity of her voice was angelic. Blake said who cares what they all think, as she is on The Voice.

RESULTS – Adam was the only one to hit his button, so she is joining Team Adam on The Voice 2019.

Luna Searles

We have a returning singer here, as she was here way back in Season 2! She said she was so nervous then, but has learned a lot about herself as a performer. She is from Atlanta and a black girl singing rock and roll, so it’s hard to be taken seriously. She said she is a lot more focused and disciplined then when she first came out. She is working that stage and definitely has the confidence going strong. I like her stage presence and she has a pretty good voice, but no chairs for her again!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said he felt like there was something else he needed to hear. John said we didn’t hear it in this song. Adam said the song, show more.

RESULTS – No chairs turn for her again, as she is headed home again!

Carter Lloyd Horne

He said in 2008, the market crashed and they lost everything and were homeless. It was during that time that he discovered music and got his mind distracted on this. He is 19 years old and plays at a lot of restaurants and bars now and The Voice 2019 is his chance. He’s got some strength in his voice, as he pulls some of those notes from the deep. He does not pronounce some of the words correctly, but he hits some big notes along the way. He gets Blake and Kelly to hit their buttons for him at the very last second!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said he isn’t even allowed to have a drinking problem yet. Blake said as inappropriate as it is for him, it is Blake’s thing. Adam endorses Blake on this one. Kelly said it sounded like he was 50. She said he stands out and they’ve heard no one like him. Blake said he knows what he’s doing and he admires that. He is happy for him and would be proud to have him on his team.

RESULTS – Carter picks to join Team Blake!

Talon Cardon

He is an 18-year-old waiter from Utah. He bought his first guitar at 12 years old and had written two songs by the time he was 14 years old. He sings “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur. He has a good sound to his voice, but he sounds like the original too much. He has a weird sound to his voice and not clear with some of the words. It’s John hitting his button at the very end!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said he is going to be great with John and he has a lot of potential. Kelly said he couldn’t be with a better coach and he’s going to be a dark horse in the Battles. John said welcome to Team Legend and he did a great job and he delivered at the end.

RESULTS – John hit his button at the last second, so Talon joins Team Legend!

Patrick McAloon

This is a first for The Voice, as Patrick will audition first and up next? His daughter, 16 year old Ruby! He has been working at this for 25 years. He actually has a pretty solid rock voice and he gets the fellas to hit their buttons for him tonight!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – John said his voice is so good and he showed us his range and he navigated it with skill. Adam said he is excited to work with him. He sang the song with the perfect sentiment and emotion. Blake said he loves Patrick and they would look really good together and would be honored to be on his team.

RESULTS – Patrick picks to join Team Adam.

Ruby McAloon

She grew up with music, since her father is a singer. Her father had success with his audition, but how will Ruby do? Her voice is not the best. She needs a lot more practice and gets no coaches to turn around for her.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said he loved her voice and takes this moment as a great moment. John said she sounded unsure, but he was unsure at her age too. her future is bright for her. Kelly said she wanted to hear more range and don’t be deterred by this.

RESULTS – No coaches turned for her, so she gets to watch her dad on The Voice 2019 from the sidelines!

Alena D’Amico

She grew up with a big, Italian family. She works as a wedding consultant, which pays the bills. Alena is now engaged, so she gets to be a bride soon. She has always loved music, but doubts herself constantly. I actually like the sound of her voice and she hits some good notes along the way. You can sense her nerves at the beginning, but she hits a big note and she gets Kelly and Blake to turn around!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – John said she did a fantastic job and welcome to the show. Adam said in a nutshell, don’t pick Blake, pick Kelly and she’ll be a great coach for you. Blake said he doesn’t have the girl power of Kelly, but he has 16 years of experience on the show and the winningest coach on the show. Kelly said she digs her passion and she got pitchy in parts, but reign it in and she can get past that.

RESULTS – Alena picks to join Team Kelly on The Voice Season 16!

Kanard Thomas

He said his son is everything to him and wants to be that example for him to look up to. He had his son right out of high school and had to grow up right away. Him and his son’s mom are best friends and co-parent very well. He is a decent singer, but I think this is a bad song choice for him. It isn’t well known and doesn’t show off much of anything for his voice, as no coaches hit for him.

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Blake said he is a good singer, but it should have had more edge and desperation for that song. John said he wanted some flare and something that was more transcendent. Adam said it was almost too wrangled in.

RESULTS – No coaches turned for him, so he is headed home.

Dexter Roberts

He is a true country boy from Alabama. He is also a true contestant on American Idol, as he finished in seventh place during the 13th season. Apparently he got sick a few years ago, as it was finally determined he was bit by a tick. It took over a year to get better, but he is back and wanting to do this again. He has a great country voice and it is so strong, as he gets all four coaches to turn around for him!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – John said he sounded beautiful and everything was perfect. He knows a great voice and he heard it today. Adam said what he does is astounding, but he doesn’t want him to pick him. It would be far too daring and we may go too far into the competition. Kelly said he is extremely talented, but the males never pick her and we all know he is probably going to pick Uncle Blake. Think about Kelly Clarkson. Blake said he has to pull himself out from under this bus. He said he is a country artist and he knows who he is.

RESULTS – They all fought for Dexter, but he picks to join Team Blake!

Jej Vinson

This has to be for Kelly tonight, as it’s all about no guys picking her this season! Heading into it, she said she is no longer turning around for boys! For Jej, he said music has been a huge part of his life and discovered some pop stars growing up. He is from the Philippines, but they moved to the U.S. when he was 15. He was going to become a doctor, but realized his passion was in music. Heading into it, he said John Legend would be his choice. He may have that choice, as he impresses all the coaches with his voice and his runs and another four-chair turnaround here!

COACHES’ THOUGHTS – Adam said he is a better singer than all of us. John said that was a wild, inspired song choice. He soared and showed us these precise, beautiful runs. Adam said there is something almost surgical about the runs and he wants people to feel him, as well as hear him. Blake said we all feel like we are looking at the winner of The Voice this season. Blake said he wins this show a lot. Kelly said she can win this show with him. He is incredible and effortless and his runs have finesse. She has no guys and would love the opportunity to work with him.

RESULTS – Kelly gets her guy, as Jej picks to join Team Kelly!

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