The Voice 2012 sends Home Lindsey Pavao, Katrina Parker, Erin Willett and Jamar Rogers. When team Christina’s results were revealed, Christina split her 100 points evenly between opera singer Chris Mann and coffeehouse singer Lindsey Pavao, so America’s votes determined who would advance. America voted Chris.Lindsey said, “Christina, thanks for making my dreams come true.”

Team Adam was up next. Adam gave Katrina Parker 40 points and Tony Lucca 60 points. “I believe that you’re both equally talented. My connection with Tony could lead him to win this thing,” said Adam. Those points, combined with America’s votes, sent Tony to the finals. Katrina said, “Thank you to Adam for believing in me. Thank you to everyone who works on this show.” I want to note that if Adam had gone 50/50 and let AMERICA decide who won, Tony Lucca would have went home tonight.

On Team Blake, points were divided evenly between Erin Willett and Jermaine Paul. America voted to send Jermaine to the finals. “I never thought that I would be this far in this competition. This show is life-changing,” said Erin.

Team CeeLo was last to go. CeeLo allocated 60 points to rocker Juliet Simms and 40 points to comeback kid Jamar Rogers. CeeLo said, “I wanted to be honest, critical and fair. Juliet’s performance last night was so obviously beautiful and striking and strong.” CeeLo’s points, combined with America’s votes, sent Juliet through. “I never thought I would make it this far. Thank you,” said Jamar.

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