The teams on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 will be testing the waters tonight on MTV. Meanwhile, Bear will be testing his relationship with Georgia, as it looks like he may be caught in a web of lies on The Challenge 33 tonight! Check out the details below in our The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 Recap and see who went home on The Challenge 2019 tonight!

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 Spoilers - Week 8 Recap

Last week on The Challenge Season 33, there was a lot of talk concerning breaking up the UK alliance, as they were gaining more and more power in the game. The UK alliance put their sites on getting rid of Ninja Natalie & Paulie. At the challenge, it was Wes & Dee, Gus & Jenna and Bear & Da’Vonne taking the Top 3 spots and forming the Tribunal. Da’Vonne refused to nominate Paulie, but that went no where, as Bear had the final say and the nominees were Amanda & Josh, Kam & Ashley and Natalie Ninja & Paulie. However, it was Amanda & Josh voted in and they decided to take on Kam & Ashley. Amanda & Josh almost won this one, but fell at the very end and that left the door open for Kam & Ashley to win and get the Relic this week, as Josh & Amanda were eliminated!

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Caught In A Bear Trap

As good as things have been for Bear recently, it all may have come to a head with one video chat! He was talking to his “girlfriend,” who he said has been on-again, off-again for a while and they left things “up in the air” when he came on the show. She asks if there is anything or anyone she should be worried about and he said no, nothing to worry about. Georgia hears this and is pissed, as they cuddle and kiss every night. He seems to have lost her as an ally, so now he is worried about his game, even though he tried to blatantly lie and say it was his cousin! Turbo with the amazing line at the end, as he said now Georgia has to “cut off his dick.” I love Turbo!

The Challenge

For this challenge, it is called “Brain Freeze” and it’s the first water challenge of the season! The teams will start out on the shore, but then run out 100 yards to gather puzzle pieces from the ocean (each team has their own color and the water is 59 degrees). The teams will go one at a time until all of the pieces are gathered. Once that is done, they can begin assembling their puzzle. The first three teams to complete the puzzle will win the challenge and form the Tribunal this week on The Challenge 2019!


This water was rough and took a lot out of these players. After learning how to swim just one week ago, Dee pulls this one out with her partner, as Wes & Dee win it. Turbo is a master at puzzles and he gets it done for second place for him and Nany. The final spot is up in the air, but it goes to Theo & Cara Maria, which means they take the last spot in the Tribunal.


This was an easy one on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019, as Cara Marie clearly was going to pick Kyle & Mattie. Wes made his pick known at the challenge, as he quickly picked Bear & Da’Vonne. Nany quickly made their pick also, as they pick Hunter & Georgia as a burn vote, as she claims there is no way they would be going in based on the other nominees.


Hunter & Georgia want to know they are just a burn vote and won’t be going in. Kyle tells Cara Maria this is her weird way of flirting with him and to remember the good times (jokingly) and she is not amused. Wes asks Bear to respect the game and the Tribunal and he basically tells Wes to screw off, so Wes goes down and guides him out of the room! Da’Vonne tries to pick up the pieces with having a terrible partner!

Poor, Poor Georgia

Everyone heads out for night of drinking and dancing. Bear decides to lay his trap, as he calls out Hunter. He is talking smack and Hunter gets pissed. Georgia tells Hunter to calm down and not be mean to Bear, which pisses off Hunter even more. He goes off on Georgia and said he is done with her and how she can defend him still is beyond him and go s*c* his d**k tonight! Not cool Hunter, but Georgia is being pathetic. Wes tells Hunter he’s got to play the game smarter and not burn bridges. Meanwhile, Bear’s trap worked, as he ends the night cuddling and kissing Georgia, yet again!

The next day, Wes tries to mend things over with Georgia. He apologizes for what he said, but then followed it up with not being sorry for the tough love. So, Georgia wants a sincere apology and this turns into another blowup, as Hunter won’t let her talk and says he’s done with her, yet again. Wes is hilarious in this, as he said Wes can’t be making these mistakes like this, as he’s working with him now!

Elimination Challenge

It’s time for the Tribunal to vote for the team headed down to the Killing Floor. The players voted as individuals and it is Bear & Da’Vonne voted in. After talking smack and saying all of the teams are weak and they can knock any of them out, he chooses the weakest team available, Gus & Jenna. For this challenge, it is called “Push & Pole” and is one of TJ’s all-time favorite challenges. The players will each be holding a pole and push, pull and twist their way to getting control of the pole and their opponent’s hands off the pole. They will play in rounds of guys and girls and the first team to 3 will win this challenge.


Here are the results from each round of action on The Challenge 33 tonight:

  • Round 1 – Gus’ hands slipped off while trying to rip it away, so Bear wins the first round.
  • Round 2 – It’s a battle, but Da’Vonne takes this one and a 2-0 lead for them.
  • Round 3 – Gus pulls it out, so it is now 2-1 for Bear & Da’Vonne.
  • Round 4 – After a comment by Wes for Jenna to put her knee in Da’Vonne’s face, that was the motivation she needed after a reset and she pulled out the win for her team!

Bear avoids elimination again, as they win and get the Relic for next week! That means Gus & Jenna have been eliminated tonight on The Challenge 2019!

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 airs every Wednesday at 9/8c on MTV!

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