We truly do have The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 happening, as it is the UK alliance going strong and the US alliance wanting to break them down! The Challenge 33 cast decided to focus on that tonight, but would they be able to break up that alliance? Check out the details below in our The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 Recap and see who went home on The Challenge 2019 tonight!

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 Spoilers - Week 7 Recap


Last week on The Challenge Season 33Wes set forth a plan to break up that UK alliance and his main target was Bear. It was working too, as he and Dee rode some tires in the desert to a Top 3 finish and a spot in the Tribunal along with Kyle & Mattie and Hunter & Georgia. The final nominees ended up being Bear & Da’Vonne and he was not happy about it. They ended up selecting Leroy & Shaleen to go up against and they had to work for this victory, as they were dragging 80 sand bags back and forth to each other. Shaleen just didn’t have the strength to get through this one and it was Bear & Da’Vonne winning and getting that Relic for this week.

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RIP Paulie

The UK alliance talks and while Bear hates Wes, the UK alliance knows that there are bigger targets in the game. They know that Paulie & Ninaj Natalie win every week and will make the final, so they need to go home and quickly!

The Challenge

For this challenge, it is called “Eye In The Sky” and the teams will be strapped together back-to-back on the rig hanging high in the sky! One of them will be wearing a helmet with a camera while blindfolded. The camera is connected to some virtual reality goggles that their partner will be wearing, which makes them the eyes of their unit! They will have to communicate to make their way through this rig in the sky. The three fastest teams will form the Tribunal and be safe from elimination this week!


Bear tried to taunt Paulie & Ninja Natalie and make them fall, but it didn’t work. The same for everyone else while Bear was going, but no luck either. However, the three fastest teams tonight on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 were Wes & Dee, Gus & Jenna and Bear & Da’Vonne, as they form the Tribunal this week.


The Tribunal meets and that UK alliance focus goes out the window, as Jenna wants to target Amanda, so they nominate Amanda & Josh. Since Wes wants to nominate Bear and he can’t, he goes with a safe burn vote of Kam & Ashley. Then it comes down to major drama between Bear and Da’Vonne, as he wants Paulie and she won’t let that happen. She has a point, as he chose their team for the elimination last week, so she should choose this. She wants Nany & Turbo, but Bear is a big baby and wins out, as the third team nominated is Paulie & Ninja Natalie.


Ashley basically tells Wes it was a bad decision to pick him and he scares me with that look! Kam said she is Killer Kam and comes back from challenges, so she ain’t kissing anyone’s ass in there. Amanda & Josh go off on Gus & Jenna and they should have gone for Cara Maria & Theo, but Jenna said she’s playing her game, not Zach’s game. Ninja Natalie wonders if Bear is always full of shit. He said he doesn’t want to face them in a final.

Politicking and Crushes

Josh clearly has a thing for Amanda and she clearly has no interest. After a night of drinking and Josh & Amanda politicking to get the Brits out of the game, Ashley is a little fed up. He talks with Amanda about it and said she doesn’t have to be a bitch about it, which Josh defends her on. Ashley is a hot head and kind of a douche and he looks like one with this scene. Josh tells him to respect women and Ashley proceeds to throw Josh’s stuff out of the house.

Elimination Challenge

It’s time for the Tribunal to vote for the team headed down to the Killing Floor. The players voted as individuals and it is Josh & Amanda voted in. They choose to go up against Ashley & Kam for this elimination. For this challenge, it is called “Uphill Battle” and there were two giant ladders on the Killing Floor. They will start on their backs holding a bar, which they will use to climb to the top of the ladder. First team to reach the top will win! If a team falls, there turn is over and all the other team has to do is get higher than where you fell and they win!


This one was a shocker, as Josh & Amanda were killing it! They were almost to the top, but the ladder got wider and Josh could not get a grip with his feet. They weren’t in sync and the bar came loose and down went Josh! That meant Kam & Ashley could slowly work their way to the top and cross the spot Josh & Amanda did. They did just that and won the challenge and earned that Relic for next week, which meant Josh & Amanda were eliminated tonight on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019!

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