Love triangles and war tonight on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019! Wes has the Relic and he is looking to shake things up on The Challenge 33, as he knows he has to break up that UK alliance! Can he do it? Check out the details below in our The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 Recap and see who went home on The Challenge 2019 tonight!

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 Spoilers - Week 6 Recap

Last week on The Challenge 2019, the teams took on an endurance challenge, as they were carrying tires up and down sand dunes and across the desert! Bear had a temper tantrum, as he felt like others were beating him that shouldn’t. This continued the whole episode, as he just kept running his mouth. It didn’t matter though, as Paulie and Cara Maria were both in the Tribunal and they were gunning for Zach, since Kyle was safe for the week. Zach and Zahida were voted in and they butted heads on who to go against, but they ended up picking Wes & Dee and that was a bad choice, as they beat them and that meant Zach & Zahida were eliminated!

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Conniving Wes

Wes knows he needs to break up the UK alliance, otherwise he could be the next target. He overhears Bear talking with Nany and he is interested in her, but also in Georgia, who he said is in love with Bear. This is the opening Wes needs to put some drama in the British alliance. We also see the start of some other drama, as Kam and Theo are flirting and Leroy is watching from a distance.

The Challenge

For this challenge, it is called “Doom Buggy” and a monster truck will carry two rows of 10 tires each. The players will start on the back tire and the monster truck will go up to 30km/hour. When it gets there, they will start moving from tire to tire, pulling a ripcord when on the next tire to release the previous tire. If they make it to the end, they will jump on the monster truck and pull a rope, which will release all of the tires. The three teams to release as many tires as they can and get the furthest the fastest will win this challenge and make up the Tribunal on The Challenge 2019!


This one was a tough one, as they all had dirt in their face and mouths. In the end, the Top 3 teams were Hunter & Georgia, Wes & Dee and Kyle & Mattie, who beat out Cara Maria & Theo by 19 seconds! These three teams now form the Tribunal.


The Tribunal meets and Kyle, obviously, will be voting in Paulie. Wes wants Bear to go in, which Georgia is hesitant about. Hunter is hesitant about sending in Paulie, as they will choose Josh & Amanda to go up against and then easily win and be safe next week. Wes tries to convince Georgia about Bear, as he tells her that Bear thinks that Nany is more sexually attractive than her. In the end, the three teams nominated are Paulie & Ninja Natalie, Bear & Da’Vonne and Josh & Amanda.


I am surprised, but things are actually jovial between Paulie and Kyle on this one. Kyle is just loving it and they just laugh it off, as they both know they are coming for each other. Josh tells Hunter & Georgia they should have went for someone else to see where they lie in the game. Bear says that Wes is a rat and he sets traps for rats and now Wes & Dee are his sole target in the game, especially after hurting Georgia (even though he admitted to us that he just lies to everyone).

Silly Leroy

So, Leroy tells Kam he does not want a relationship and wants to be friends. Kam decides to flirt with Theo and they kiss while everyone is out at the bar. This upsets Leroy and he thinks it’s disrespectful. Um, she’s your friend and can make-out with a guy at the bar. Calm it down, crazy man!

Elimination Challenge

It’s time for the Tribunal to vote for the team headed down to the Killing Floor. The players voted as individuals and it is Bear & Da’Vonne voted in. These split teams cause for lengthy discussions on who to go against, as neither of them want to go against their friends. In the end, they pick to go up against Leroy & Shaleen.

For the challenge, it is called “Sandbag Burn” and they will stand on the opposite side of the Killing Floor than their partner with a sled on a rope in between them. They will each have 40 sandbags on their side. They have to load up the sled and then their partner pulls it back to them. They have to transfer the 40 sandbags each to each other’s side, which totals almost 3,000 pounds! The first team to successfully switch all 80 sandbags will win tonight on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019!


As hard as Wes tried to break up that UK alliance, he could not take him on in this challenge. Instead, this came down to a battle of the women and it was Da’Vonne getting it done before Shaleen, which means Bear & Da’Vonne win and Leroy & Shaleen have been eliminated! Bear & Da’Vonne get the Relic also and will be safe next week!

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