The teams on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 have been picked (by the rookie prospects) and now it is time to see them in action on The Challenge 33 tonight! We had our first team challenge on The Challenge Season 33 and it definitely had the opponents playing a game of tug of war! Check out the details below in our The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 Recap and see who went home on The Challenge 33 tonight!

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 Spoilers - Week 2 Recap

Last week on The Challenge 33, the new players arrived for a new season and host TJ Lavin surprised them right away with the starting the first challenge, which had them running up and down a sand dune and putting a puzzle together. The last male and female done for the rookie prospects was eliminated and the rankings for everyone else would determine how they picked their allies, which would be a veteran paired with a rookie. Of course, the vets thought they’d be picking teams the next day and started strategizing, but TJ shocked them all the next day and the rookies got to pick the teams, which is where things ended!

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The House

Josh is there and finding out that his new partner, Amanda, has some enemies in the house. Before the show, apparently Wes reached out to Hunter to work together on this challenge. Hunter said he’ll fly under the radar and let Wes do the dirty work at the beginning.

The Challenge

The teams had their first challenge with their allies. For this one, it was called “Arms-A-Geddon Tired” and there were 16 cars lined up with ropes going through them, which were 400 feet long. One person and their opponent will start at opposite ends of the rope and they will pull in the rope as hard as they can. At some point, it will turn into a tug-of-war between the two. This will last for five minutes. After five minutes, they will stop and then the ropes will be measured. They will add their rope total with their ally’s rope total and that will become their team length. The team with the most rope length will win this challenge and the Top 3 teams will form the Tribunal, which will be safe from elimination and take control of the game.

The Veterans were ranked from the first individual challenge and those rankings will be used in picking their opponent for this one on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019! The opponents are picked and it’s time for this five minutes to get started!


After the five minutes is up, the lengths are added together and the Top 3 teams are Cara Maria & Theo, Johnny Bananas & Morgan and Amanda & Josh. It was Wes against Bananas, so Wes is feeling low right now for losing. Now the Tribunal will have to pick three teams to put up for elimination!


The Tribunal meets and it’s pointless, as Bananas asks Amanda who she will not nominate and she says Ashley and Hunter, so he goes up to the wall and picks both of them! Then Amanda wants Zach up there, so I guess he’ll be the third team. No discussion and awkward, but the nominees are Zach & Zahida, Hunter & Georgia and Ashley M. & Chase.


The nominees get a chance to state their case on why it shouldn’t be them. Ashley M. said there are bigger fish to fry then them. Bananas has issues with how Hunter treated him last challenge. Zach let Zahida take the reigns and she said it should be Ashley M. nominated.

The Drinking Drama

Hunter and Wes were talking and they want Johnny Bananas gone, but he is safe this week. Because of that, they decide they will go for Leroy instead, if they get to choose their opponent. Meanwhile, Leroy is outside the door and hears this, so it’ll come up later! Now Amanda thinks Morgan is a follower and doesn’t like followers. Bananas is trying to get under people’s skin, as he now has Hunter going about who beat who and Hunter is going off, as Leroy interjects and said that Ashley M. just took $500,000 from him, but Hunter’s sitting her arguing with Bananas instead, which causes them to have words and security comes in!

Jenna somehow gets involved and her and Amanda have words. This turns into Amanda telling Jenna that Zach was on a dating app in the hotel during the last challenge. The next day, she questions him on things and he said it was a joke. She is following him around and questioning him, but he said he needs space and to leave him alone and she won’t. He said this activity is crazy and they are done because of it. So, he gets caught on a dating app, but her actions call for a breakup? Apparently they are going to move past it and stay together.

Elimination Round

The teams arrive at the Killing Floor, which is where the elimination rounds will be taking place. TJ Lavin arrives and the Tribunal has to vote individually now for one of the nominees and it’s Hunter & Georgia voted in. Now they get to choose any team to compete against except for the Tribunal. And it’s time for some revenge, as Hunter picks Ashley M. & Chase!

For this challenge on The Challenge 33, they are playing “Drone Ball Drop.” A drone will bring a ball 30 feet into the air and drop it. When it hits the ground, they will run out and try to grab the ball and score in the goal. They will alternate between women’s and men’s rounds and whichever team has the most points after 3 rounds will win this elimination round! Losers go home, as TJ said there is no redemption house here.


The results for each round on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 are:

  • Round 1 – Ashley M. scores without any real effort.
  • Round 2 – They play to a dead ball the first time, but Hunter gets a bounce the second time and he makes the moves on Chase and scores a point, so now tied 1-1.
  • Round 3 – Georgia makes this one easy, as she gets past Ashley M. and scores and they win!

That means Hunter & Georgia are safe tonight and the first team eliminated on The Challenge 2019 is Ashley M. and Chase!

A Twist To End It

TJ ends the night by saying now things are going to get a little bit of a twist, as he said here is a relic that apparently Hunter & Georgia will get, but what does it do???

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 airs every Wednesday at 9/8c on MTV!

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