The previews for The Challenge 33 tonight definitely say that a legend is going home tonight on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019, but who could it be? We take a look at the Week 3 action on The Challenge 2019 below in our The Challenge 33 spoilers!

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The Challenge 33 Spoilers - Which Legend Falls?

Last week on The Challenge 2019, it was a little game of tug of war! There was 400 feet of rope between them and it was a battle of pulling the rope to their side. The top three teams with the highest rope total would win immunity and form the Tribunal, which would nominate three teams for elimination. It was Cara Maria & Theo, Johnny Bananas & Morgan and Amanda & Josh winning and they didn’t discuss much and had drama, but they nominated Zach & Zahida, Hunter & Georgia and Ashley M. & Chase. At the elimination, the Tribunal ended up having to vote individually for the team to go in for elimination and it was Hunter & Georgia selected! They picked their opponent from any of the teams and Hunter picked Ashley M. & Chase, as he wanted revenge and revenge is what he got! They won and remained in the competition, as Ashley M. and Chase were eliminated!

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For tonight, we have a sneak peek video from MTV and you can hear The Challenge host TJ Lavin saying he “did not see that one coming, bro” and it says a legend will fall:

So, who could the legend be? Well, for some more clues, here is the official synopsis from MTV for tonight’s episode:

“Zach makes a shocking move at the ‘Search and Destroy’ challenge that makes everyone question his loyalties. Wes sets his sights on his mortal enemy, Bananas, but is his attack premature?”

Based on that, we have three names that could possibly be eliminated tonight on The Challenge 33! If Zach is making people question his loyalty, then he could be sent into the Elimination Round tonight. However, I am almost thinking it could be Wes and Johnny Bananas going into it and one of them has to lose! This could be a good episode tonight!

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Who do you think the legend will be?

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