The drama heading into tonight on The Challenge 33 was that one of the players was going to quit on their teammate! We now know how that all went down on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 and how that endurance competition got the best of these players on The Challenge 2019! Check out the details below in our The Challenge 33 Recap and see who went home on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 tonight!

The Challenge 33 Spoilers - Week 4 Recap

Last week on The Challenge MTV 2019, there was major drama between Cara Maria, Paulie and Kyle, but what’s new there, right? At the challenge, the teams had to try and jump on a beam way up in the air and then jump off it to ring a bell. It ended up being Natalie D. & Paulie, Hunter & Georgia and Turbo & Nany forming the Tribunal. They ended up voting in Kyle & Mattie to the Elimination Round. They picked Natalie N. & JP to go up against and since it was a double elimination, they also got to pick a team to go up against and JP shocked everyone by picking CT & Julia! They had to fight to grab two rings from the other players and each winner would come back, regardless of what team they were on. It didn’t matter though, as both Kyle and Mattie were victorious and re-entered the game, as another legend was eliminated!

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The Aftermath

Kyle & Mattie are back in the house, as Paulie and Cara Maria are sad. Kyle is talking with Zach and Gus about Cara’s face when Kyle won, as Cara Maria is listening in the hallway again. Hey girl, stop snooping on everyone and start snooping on the man you say you can trust 100%! Turbo is also sad to lose JP, as that was his friend. We see a heart-to-heart between him and Nany, which is very nice to see.

The Challenge

The teams head out to meet TJ Lavin, who is in the middle of the desert. The name of the challenge is called “Tired Out” and there are 200 color-coded tires behind him. To start, the teams will be chained together. The teams will race across the desert to their pile of tires. They will then climb up the sand dune, which has an answer key at the top. That answer key will tell them the order to stack these color-coded tires. They will then go back down the dune, grab that tire and race back across the desert and start building their tire pyramid. They will do this 14 times and the Top 3 teams to get it done the fastest will be in the Tribunal for the week.

It’s funny to see this one play out, as the big, muscle guys have no endurance! Hunter and Ashley C. are struggling on it. Da’Vonne is struggling too, as Bear wants to continue to go hard. She isn’t having it and either is Bear, as he rips off the chain and quits! Yeah, he tells TJ there is no point and they lost, so he quit! TJ calls him pathetic, as Da’Vonne kept going and trying to complete the challenge.


I may not like him, but Paulie is doing very well in the challenges this season and he has a strong partner in Ninja Natalie! The Top 3 teams tonight were Paulie & Ninja Natalie, Turbo & Nany and Theo & Cara Maria and they form the Tribunal. Bear throws a tantrum afterwards, as he is upset other people keep beating him. Um, that’s what happens when you quit?


The Tribunal meets and Turbo hates quitters, so he wants Bear nominated. Clearly Cara Maria and Paulie can’t go for Kyle, so they decide this week is the time to go for Zach, since he’s been trashing their relationship. They battle with the third nomination, but the final three teams nominated are Bear & Da’Vonne, Zach & Zahida and Gus & JennaAmanda is happy to not be nominated this week.


Jenna said she is thrown off that she is there since she has friends in it. She mentions that her and Zach are playing separate games. Cara makes herself look like an idiot, yet again. She rips into Zach and he doesn’t seem fazed one bit. Oh girl, she was in deep with Paulie and MTV is making her look like an idiot this season! Bear comes in and says that Ninja Natalie is lucky to have Paulie and he carried her today (um, what?) and that Nany is always flirting with him. He blows up and clearly doesn’t care what the girls say. I feel bad for Da’Vonne here.

Drama, Drama

Zach is done with Cara Maria, as he said she is pathetic and a loser and this is her life. Paulie is with her for followers and when they’re together, she is closing her eyes and thinking of Kyle! he goes deep on this one, but the others are loving it. Zahida is breaking down with Mattie, as she is sick of being nominated all the time because of her partner.

Bear is riled up and Kyle is going to use that as a positive to keep Zach around. He wants Bear to piss off everyone tonight on The Challenge 33, so then they have to nominate him the next day. There is a group of them playing poker and Bear goes in there and jumps on the table and flings his drink everywhere. Ninja Natalie is pissed and said Bear is a misogynistic pig and needs to go!

Elimination Round

The teams all head to the Killing Floor for tonight’s Elimination Round. The Tribunal votes and it comes down to Ninja Natalie. She said she is looking out for herself and her end game, so she gives the votes needed to send Zach & Zahida into the Elimination Round. They definitely struggle picking a team to go against, as they each have people they want to stay in the game. They decide to go with Wes & Dee, which is an insane pick! Like, they are a strong team, so why does Zahida want them?

For this challenge, it is called “Lights Out” and they will be trying to complete a puzzle inside a dark room. There is a light switch that TJ will be turning off every now and again. Once he does, the room will go black and someone from each team will have to race to the light switch to turn it back on. The first team to complete their puzzle and come out and ring the bell wins tonight on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019!


TJ was having way too much fun flipping those lights off and making the teams run. Dee was a beast on this one, as she was running so fast. It helped, as Wes & Dee pull out the win on this one and they get the Relic for next week. That means Zach & Zahida have been eliminated tonight on The Challenge 2019!

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