Just when you think you know what is going to happen on The Challenge 33TJ Lavin throws a shocker at you! Yes, we had a double elimination on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 tonight and it sent the teams into chaos! Check out the details below in our The Challenge 33 Recap and see who went home on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 tonight!

The Challenge 33 Spoilers - Week 4 Recap

Last week on The Challenge 2019, the night started with Hunter & Georgia finding out that by winning the Relic they won immunity for the next week! The challenge for the week had them trying to get balls through a mud pit. Zach’s head was not in the game and he tossed the ball to what seemed to be Wes, which upset Johnny Bananas. With Wes & Dee being in the Tribunal, that meant Bananas & Morgan were nominated and eventually voted into the Elimination Round. Bananas was upset about Zach, so they picked Zach & Zahida to compete against. They had to race to put world flags on the right countries on a climbing wall, which Zach & Zahida won and Bananas & Morgan were eliminated!

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Cara Maria Trying

Since Kyle was on Bananas side last week cheering him on, she proceed to tell Jenna to stir the pot with Zach. However, Zach goes to confront Kyle about, since they are best friends. Kyle said he is best friends with both of them and Cara just wants him alone in the game. Zach knows he needs Kyle in this game and they need to get Cara Maria and Paulie out, otherwise they are gunning for Kyle every chance they can!

The Challenge

For this challenge, it is called “Fallout” and there was a giant, steel structure that was hanging 100 feet off the ground. There is a 10-foot beam with a platform on top of it and a stage. The teams will go up there and one of them will be up on the platform, while their partner is on the stage. The person on the platform has a lever that they will move back and forth to get the beam swinging. When ready, their partner will jump onto the beam and then launch from the beam to ring a bell hanging in the air, which stops the time. The three teams with the fastest time tonight on The Challenge 33 will form the Tribunal! TJ says if you fall, you’re out!


We had a lot of action on this one, as people were jumping and bouncing right off that beam. Gus went head first into it, which results in him cutting his lip! Georgia was a beast on this one and she showed some real strength on that beam. The Top 3 teams tonight were Natalie D. & Paulie, Hunter & Georgia and Turbo & Nany, so they form the Tribunal and safe from elimination tonight. TJ then said there are a lot of them, so it’s a double elimination this week on The Challenge 33!


Hunter said that Josh & Amanda voted for them in the first vote, so they are nominating them tonight. No shocker, as Paulie wants Kyle out of there, so they nominate Kyle & Mattie. It’s a toss-up for Turbo & Nany, but they end up nominating CT & Julia!


Time for the three teams to state their cases on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019! CT & Julia say they are shocked and Nany said she didn’t know where their alliances are at and CT said he has none, as you are just going to get lied to down the line. Mattie said she’ll have Kyle’s back and Paulie said it’s not about Cara Maria and the only thing intimidating about their team is Mattie. Things get ugly, as Kyle tells him to come down and say that and Paulie does, as he’s just a little punk. Amanda yells, Hunter yells, Josh yells, so seems about right.

Cara, You’re An Idiot

Cara Maria overhears Zach and Kyle talking, as Zach says Cara Maria is still in love with Zach to be acting this way. She gets pissed and says that this is the best relationship she’s ever been in and she is in love with Paulie. Oh girl, he was still with his ex the whole time and you find that out later. You look like such an idiot right now! They all get dressed up for the night and then more drama ensues, as Paulie tries to be manly and havoc happens. This whole thing annoys me because he’s a douche and Cara Maria just looks stupid.

Elimination Round

The Tribunal has to vote individually on the first team to enter the Killing Floor and after a long speech by Turbo, it ends up being Kyle & Mattie voted in. They pick Natalie N. & JP to go up against. Since it’s a double elimination, Natalie & JP get to pick another team to compete and they shock everyone and pick CT & Julia and CT is PISSED!

For this challenge, it’s called “Ring Tossed” and it will be played in a guy’s heat and a girl’s heat. There will be a guy winner and a girl winner, so there could be a new team formed at the end of this! They will grab a hold of two rings each in a circle (three total rings) and fight to gain sole control of two of the rings. The first person to do that will win!


The girls were up first and it definitely took longer than I thought it would, but after dragging the other around the Killing Floor, we see Mattie get the two rings and she wins, which means Julia and Natalie N. are eliminated tonight! And in a shocker, Kyle gets the two rings and he wins tonight, which means that CT and JP have been eliminated! No changes in teams though, as both Kyle & Mattie survived the Killing Floor and have the Relic and immunity for next week!

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