I can’t stand to see anyone quit.  It really pisses me off and I believe they end up regretting it the rest of their lives.  Not that Darryl Strawberry will regret it because I really think he just didn’t give a crap about being on The Celebrity Apprentice this season.  What a shame for his charity who missed out on the opportunity to make some money because Darryl knew a lot of people in NY.

Once again Cyndi doesn’t disappoint us with her air headed statements and long drawn out stories and Rod Blagojevich keeps up with the campaign trail shaking hands and declaring his innocence on the streets of NY.  One question:  How do you become the Govenor of Illinois and not know how to type or use the computer?  I couldn’t believe that shit!  This is the age of technology and you can’t even type on a computer?  That is freaking ridiculous in my opinion. 

Michael Johnson is the project manager for the men and pretty much disses Bret Michaels as not knowing what the hell he is talking about.  Bret does make valid points and had Johnson stopped being bull headed for a moment they might have won the competition but the women stepped up once again with Summer Sanders as PM and became the victor.

Personally, I didn’t care for Sanders.  I thought she totally disrespected Cyndi with her attitude and not utilizing her for her obvious talents.  She called her out for no reason in the boardroom but after they won she had to eat crow and apologize.

Michael Johnson got lucky when Strawberry quit because it saved him from getting fired.  Strawberry tried to save face at the end by saying he was doing it to keep Michael in the game but it was obvious he didn’t want to be there and just wanted to go home. 

It’s a shame because Strawberry was playing for Autism research as is Holly Robison Peete who was quite unhappy when he quit.  What did yall think when Darryl asked to be fired?