Things are getting down to the wire on The Celebrity Apprentice 2013, as we are down to five celebrities fighting to be the winner of All Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013, but who will it be? We have three episodes to get through before finding out who Donal Trump picks as the winner, but be prepared for a Trace Adkins breakdown tonight on The Apprentice 2013? Find out during our The Celebrity Apprentice 2013 Live Recap and see who was fired on The Apprentice 2013 tonight with us!

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice - Season 13

While a lot of people enjoyed his antics, I don’t think anyone enjoyed them more than Trump himself, which is why he kept Gary Busey around as long as he did. No one really knows what is going through his mind half the time, but his mechanical dog trick last week on The Celebrity Apprentice 2013 didn’t earn him any praise and Gary was fired….finally!

Now we have two celebrities (Penn Jillette and Lisa Rinna) on Plan B and three celebrities (Lil Jon, Marilu Henner and Trace Adkins) on Team Power. They will be creating an themed resort suite and throw a party for it in the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn. It looks like we are going to have some guest celebrity appearances tonight, besides John Rich, who is returning as guest advisor. We also will see Teller, Hunter Hayes and Lisa Lampanelli (according to a tweet from her today)! A star-studded night, but which team wins and who gets fired is still up for grabs. Watch with us during our Live Recap starting soon.

Lisa and Penn come back and Lisa is feeling worn out after dealing with Gary Busey on that challenge. Penn still likes him though. There is only one left, Lil Jon, from the original Team Power and all Plan B left and everyone has a win that is left…interesting.

After seeing Lil Jon take his check to his charity, but then it is time for the new task and the celebrities are at Barclays Center to meet Trump, who has John Rich with him. They will be working with Foxwoods to design a suite at Barclays Center for Foxwoods Resorts and throw a party also. They will judged on creativity, brand messaging and overall party atmosphere. The winning project manager get $100,000 in total for their charity! The project managers will be Lisa Rinna for Plan B and Marilu Henner for Team Power.

The executives come in and talk with Team Power. They have five characters and the teams must pick one and design their suite around it. Lisa and Marilu meet to discuss their choices and Lisa goes Joker and Marilu goes King, so all settled!

Marilu is going with all this king-themed stuff and Trace is not having any of it! For Plan B, they are working on getting Lisa Lampanelli, Penn & Teller and David Burke for a chef. They are trying to work on music in some way, like Native American flute music. Penn found one three hours away, but she can’t travel!

For Team Power, Lil Jon is trying to help out Marilu and she is not taking his suggestions. She is coming up with all these crazy ideas fit for a king. Trace is trying to line up Hunter Hayes to come by, who happens to be in town for a concert. Marilu said that Trace has not contributed enough the past few tasks and he needs to step up. Trace and Lil Jon then joke about Dolly Parton and her boobs and Marilu is sick of them.

For Plan B, they have all the key performers and have a great lineup for their party, but then the weather goes bad in NYC and flight delays and now not sure if Teller can get in.

For Team Power on The Apprentice 2013, Lil Jon and Trace have come to an end trying to find something to fill the party with and Marilu feels Trace has done nothing and he should be fired and said he has turned into Gary. I don’t know what her issue is. She is trying to find an excuse for him to be fired, but he talked about getting Hunter Hayes. Trace is making up songs though about being over the task.

David Burke calls and he is on board for Plan B’s party and so they have food and a performer all in one person! John Rich comes in to visit Plan B on Celebrity Apprentice 2013. Lisa and Penn seem to be calm and John likes what they have come up with. It all seems to be an amazing plan, but will their party work out? Something has to go wrong, right?

Lil Jon is working on being the deejay for the party and getting some background music. It all seems obvious that Team Power wil lose, right? John Rich comes in and they are worried about entertainment because of the storm and John said something about having a King Jon and putting him as a king. They are all sitting there and on their phones. What can they do on their phones that long?

Teller is in the air, but can he land in NYC? They have a plan, but it might all fall apart because of the weather. If he does not get there, than Lisa Rinna is going to fill in and do the Penn & Teller bit with him!

Trace then gets on the phone and confirms Hunter Hayes, so will that calm Marilu down? Trace said she is crazy, but not Gary Busey crazy.

The day of the parties arrive and they teams get things ready. Teller is in town and Lisa Lampanelli arrives for Plan B, so they are looking good right now. Plan B has some huge mirror and Trace is struggling moving it and then Lil Jon couldn’t get the deejay equipment, so no music for them. It seems like a hot mess to me on The Celebrity Apprentice 2013.

David Burke arrives like five minuets before Plan B’s party starts and the party is started! Lisa is in awe of what David Burke can do with the food. The Foxwoods VIP guests start arriving for Team Power and nothing is going on, except playing chess against a world champion. The executives, John Rich and Donald Trump, Jr. arrive and Marilu explains her party and I am bored! Are you?

Things are not getting any better for Team Power, but then Hunter Hayes arrives and he sings a song for everyone. How does Hunter Hayes work into the King Suite though? The executives seem impressed by him though.

The executives head over to Plan B on The Celebrity Apprentice 2013 and they start with an act by Penn and Teller of eating some needles. Then Lisa Lampanelli comes up and tells her jokes, which are always so offensive. The executives seem to not be so much impressed with her, but it is what she does and they hire her to do shows at their resorts, so suck it up boys!

Trump, Jr. and John Rich meet with the executives and it seems that they thought both teams did well and had their pluses and minuses, as always. I think it is a clear win for Plan B though. What do you think?

Boardroom Time on The Apprentice 2013: Lisa said she liked both the suite and their party. For Plan B, Marilu said she didn’t trust Lil Jon on a visual aspect and she wanted to have them both focus on the entertainment. Trace then speaks up and said they should have started differently and tried to get Joker from Plan B instead of giving it to them. John speaks up and said he never would have let Penn have Joker, which Team Power did, and it seems like an obvious miss.

John Rich then brings up that Lil Jon is the King of Crunk and why they didn’t use that, which Marilu said he was supposed to deejay and it fell through. Marilu and Lil Jon got into it about the deejay stuff while Trace sat back and listened. Trace said he has been out of the last three tasks and they haven’t had a great idea.

Penn said he was very happy with everything they did and he always has said it should be the project manager fired because he had her sign off on everything.

The results are in and the winning team tonight on The Celebrity Apprentice 2013 is Plan B and Lisa Rinna wins $100,000 more for her charity and Team Power gets to fight it out in the boardroom again. Who do you think will be fired?

The big things was the chess game and the executives thought it took up too much space. Marilu thought it was something intellectual, which was part of their concept for Foxwoods. Lil Jon said that he is a fan of Marilu, but she works differently than he does. Trace said he worked just as hard as if he was project manager and tried to get Dolly Parton and Blake Shelton, but both couldn’t get there.

Getting down to the nitty gritty and Marilu said he should fire Trace since he dropped out three tasks ago! Trump said he wants Marilu and he thinks she is fantastic, but it all seems to come back to the project manager and she failed at most of the things that the executives did not like. She keeps trying to defend herself, but it is all for no reason, right? Trace and Lil Jon are keeping quiet and I respect that. Again, let the project manager dig themselves a hole! When she finally kept quiet long enough, Trump fired Marilu Henner tonight on The Celebrity Apprentice 2013. Do you agree?

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