Rock Solid and the Bret Michaels express keeps rolling! Despite it being a little weird knowing Bret’s still in the hospital fighting for his life, it was good to see him win!

This was an incredibly hard task! 3 commercials would be tough, but live? It’s a different thing in the have to be on your game! Many great, talented artists fall apart in the studio doing their’d be shocked to hear how many “takes” some songs take to get done from some, so I give both teams credit for pulling it off live, even though Tenacity’s commercials were dry as unbuttered popcorn!

I was surprised that Trump didn’t bring up Bret’s sabotaging the other team by turning the signs around! That Bret’s a gamer!

The boardroom wasn’t too vicious, and efforts to get Curtis and Summer at each others throats didn’t get off the ground, although Sharon and Maria didn’t mind slamming Curtis! A little mean but funny! Maria is my kinda girl!

In the end, it was Summer fired..scenes from next week, show one of the best all time reality tv teams, gets disbanded! Obviously to get that spark between Curtis, Sharon and Maria going..too bad, I would have loved to see the current Rock Solid roll right along!

Keep your fingers crossed for Bret!