Tuesday’s “Biggest Loser” started off with Sami Brady telling the contestants that not only would there be that annoying yellow line in the middle of the board, but there would also be a red line at the bottom. That means two people would be going home. Gasp!

Then the future skinnies are faced with their first temptation. If they accept the challenge, they have to torture/treat themselves by eating cupcakes while trying to find the ONE that has  a one-pound advantage. Sami throws in another incentive. Whoever wins the one-pound advantage can hold on to it for as long as they want and for every week they keep it, another pound is added to it.

So people eat cupcakes and Adam wins. Then Brendan, who thinks he’s on “Big Brother,” gets snarky and says Adam has a target on his back and will do everything he can to get him out of the house. What is up with this season? There are obvious alliances, backstabbing and threats. That never happens on this show. I’m almost intrigued by it.

Curtis Stone, who is basically becoming a show staple, shows up and shows everyone how to make a 100 calorie cupcake. Sami even had a bite of one of Curtis’ cupcakes. But then she went off screen where she probably spit it out. And per usual, there are female contestants fawning over Curtis.

Bob and Jillian show up and reveal that they’ve either been replaced with pod people or are just tired of doing this show. Because they don’t even care when they hear how many cupcakes everyone ate during the temptation.

Then there’s some of that sweaty, whiny gym stuff followed by the weigh-in.

More girls fall below the yellow line. Frado wins the weigh-in. Sophia loses the least percentage of weight and goes home immediately.

So next, the almost- losers have to do a challenge to not be up for elimination. But first, Bob does something insane and invites them to his house for dinner. Like, his real house. I get excited because I expect to see Bob’s “special roommate” or pets or servants. All we got was a quick shot of a dog and a disgustingly good shot of his view from the Hollywood hills. They eat vegan food and yada yada.

Later, Creepy Biggest Loser Doctor tells Burgundy she won’t be able to compete because of a leg thing, which leads to her automatically being up for elimination.

The challenge, which is unrolling giant rugs, is pretty easy looking and Elizabeth loses, so she and Burgundy will be up for elimination. Burgundy goes home, dashing my hopes that she’d end up being a fantastic villain. But the show isn’t over yet. Remember how two people went home tonight? Yeah, you guessed it. It was because they are going to bring somebody else into the show. It’s going to be one of the people who never made it past the original challenge to make the show. Should be interesting.

The Sophia and Burgundy updates were inspiring. Both women have done well at home and look fantastic.

BONUS: Find Curtis Stone dessert recipes (including a similar cupcake recipe) and keep an eye out for the recipe showcased on Tuesday’s episode here.