“The Biggest Loser,” Season 10, Episode 3

There’s not a lot you can do with “The Biggest Loser” to make it fresh. But NBC is trying. Like giving the contestants video cameras to interview themselves raw and close-up like “The Blair Witch Project,” only scarier.

They’ve also moved the weigh-ins to the middle of the long two hours making the last hour pretty anti-climatic. Why, oh why is this show two hours long in the first place? I’ve gotten off track. I’m supposed to be talking about what happened Tuesday night.

Tuesday’s “Biggest Loser” opened with aforementioned “Blair Witch” camera close-ups. Then they cut to the contestants where Tina is going to “clear the air” about wanting to go home last week. She “clears the air” by saying she’s going to ask to go home that day. That’s the worst “clearing the air” I’ve EVER seen.

Then Lisa pipes up and says she wants to go home, too. To help Allie who was eliminated last week/night. That starts a mini war then Bob comes in and pretends to be smarter than he is.

Everything is cleared up and they head to the gym. Without Jillian. Where’s Jillian? Maybe she’s off selling her diet pills. So the workout is all Bob’s. There’s a lot of Bob yelling. Then he talks about riding Jesse. Then people throw up and scream. Bob explains that if you disrespect him, he’ll turn into a bitchy queen.

Jillian returns. She convinces the girls to hate each other like girls often do anyway. I could see the spark in Burghundy’s eyes. She’s got Season 10 villain written all over her.

Then Sami Brady shows up with Anna Kournikova so the contestants can play tennis. Anna leaves and Sami, now in a hat, tells them it’s time for a pop challenge. The winner will get immunity. The players target Burghundy because, again, she’s got villain written all over her, and she’s out first. Frado wins immunity.

Sami announces another “surprise” weigh-in then heads back to Salem. Everyone freaks out and prepares for the weigh-in.

Back at the ranch, Frado, Patrick and Brendan form an alliance and they immediately get cocky like any reality show meathead alliance.

Time for the weight-in. The girls do terribly once again. Adam wins the weigh-in with 12 pounds lost. The people below the yellow line are Burgundy, Tina, Sophia, Lisa, Aaron, Elizabeth and Brendan. Adam is allowed to save one of them while the others have to play in an elimination challenge. Adam saves Aaron. No surprise there since reality TV men act live 8-year-old boys guarding a club house.

So the girls and Brendan battle it out in piles of sand. The first four people to find brass rings buried under a ton of sand are safe. The two people who are left without rings will be up for elimination. And those two people are Tina and Lisa. Interesting, right? Since those were the two who wanted to go home early in the episode. Lisa claims she finally gets it and now wants to say. Tina, however, completely blows her pleads to stay, sealing her fate.

Tina goes home.