The Bachelorette Emily Maynard cries at “hardest” rose ceremony, picks final 3. Monday’s highly-anticipated episode of The Bachelorette featured Emily Maynard going on the “hometown dates” with her four remaining suitors. The single mom traveled to the residences of Chris, Arie, Jef and Sean to meet their family and get a glimpse of what life may be like if she eventually accepts one of their potential marriage proposals.

First up was corporate sales director Chris, who lives in Chicago. The self-proclaimed mama’s boy warned Maynard that his sister Renee would be the “toughest” one to impress – and he was right. Renee expressed her fear that Chris would end up “heartbroken,” and asked her to “end it sooner rather than later” if Maynard doesn’t think he’s “the one.”But after a largely successful visit with his family, Chris told Maynard he was falling in love with her. Next, Maynard traveled to St. George, Utah to visit entrepreneur Jef and his family on their ranch, where she learned he was “a little more country” than he let on. The two went Jeeping and shooting (clay pigeons) before meeting Jef’s siblings and their families. (His parents were on a charity trip.)

Maynard was nervous for the introduction, as Jef had previously admitted his family’s opinions often influence him – and some expressed concern whether he was ready to be a dad to her 6-year-old daughter, Ricki. Ultimately, though, the family approved wholeheartedly of Maynard and expressed confidence that they’re a perfect “complement” for each other. Maynard found herself agreeing after Jef shared a heartfelt letter he read her about his feelings.

The bachelorette traveled to Scottsdale, Arizona to see professional race car driver Arie, who took her for a very fast-paced ride. On a picnic, Arie revealed he was worried about a culture clash between all-American Maynard and his “very European” parents.

Things were indeed awkward when his family started speaking Dutch in front of her, and the tension continued during a 1-on-1 chat with Arie’s mom, who started off by grilling Maynard about her relationship with ex-fiance Brad Womack. But Maynard managed to win her over, and Arie admitted to the camera he’s “ready to propose.” In Dallas, insurance agent Sean welcomed Maynard with his two enthusiastic dogs.

Maynard admitted she anticipated meeting a “perfect” family – and Sean delivered, even after he carried out a practical joke about still living at home like a messy overgrown man-child. Sean’s dad praised Maynard for getting him to open up and show a vulnerable side – though Sean was the only suitor not to tell her he was in love or falling in love. Back at the Bachelorette headquarters, Maynard became emotional when it came time for the “hardest” rose ceremony yet, where she had to eliminate one of the men and was worried about making one of them feel like they “weren’t good enough.”

The first rose went to Arie, with Jef scoring the second. When it came time to choose between Chris and Sean, Maynard couldn’t help but get teary-eyed. But the final rose went to Sean!