After the drama between Clint and JJ subsides tonight on The Bachelorette 2015, we will have even more of it when Nick Viall arrives on The Bachelorette Season 11 tonight! Yes, I did not enjoy him on Andi Dorfman’s season, but now we get to see him for a second season with Kaitlyn Bristowe. Does ABC really struggle that much finding new people for these shows??? Check it all out with us tonight during our The Bachelorette 2015 Spoilers Recap and see who got eliminated on The Bachelorette 2015 tonight!

The Bachelorette 2015 Spoilers - Week 4 Recap

Last week on The Bachelorette Season 11, things picked up where we left off and Kupah making a fool of himself at the Cocktail Party after being sent home. Kaitlyn did go talk to him and told him to just go home already. She then proceeded to send home Cory S. and Daniel at the first Rose Ceremony. Things moved on to a new week and new dates. Tony did not like the violence on the sumo wrestling date and he opted to go home since this was not right for him. We saw the love between JJ and Clint grow strong and Clint was over Kaitlyn, but he wanted to stay for JJ. However, Kaitlyn heard enough bad things about Clint from the other guys and she was about to send him home and that is where it ended!

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The fun begins shortly for Week 4 on The Bachelorette 2015, so follow along with our recap below!


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Here we go…we start back with Kaitlyn talking to Clint and he talks about JJ, but she said it is not about his relationship with him. He says all the guys like him and he has a good relationship with them all, which is against what all the guys told her. She said it is hard and she really liked him, but she does not trust him and she is sending him home! She said lets go say goodbye to the guys, which makes no sense. Why does Clint get to say goodbye, but Kupah didn’t? However, JJ tells Clint that he should apologize to everyone for ruining the mood, which upsets Clint because of their love for each other. Clint heads home and JJ and Clint talk and Clint wants nothing to do with him, but then we see JJ crying. This is a hot mess!

The guys are all shocked JJ threw Clint under the bus. The Brokeback Bachelor is done and they said it was the hardest breakup in Bachelor history! Chris Harrison comes in and time for the Rose Ceremony. Kaitlyn is unsure about things and asks to talk to Chris. She decides that no one is going home and now they will all back their bags and are heading to New York City!

The men get to NYC and I am loving their hotel! They get the date card and it is a group date for Jonathan, Justin, Ben Z., Corey, Ryan, Tanner, JJ and Shawn.

GROUP DATE #1 – The guys meet Kaitlyn at a club and she is joined by Doug E. Fresh, as they will be taking part in a hip-hop rap battle and they’ll be dissing each other tonight and in front of a live crowd! The battles in the first round will be Shawn vs Justin, Corey vs JJ, Ben Z vs Tanner and Jonathan vs Ryan. The guys get some time to write up their raps and it is time to get this thing started!

The guys did a very good job and it was funny. They all sucked at rapping, but they had some good digs in there. JJ calls them NYC hoes and gets booed. They all had fun and rap battle is done, but then Kaitlyn sees Ashley I. from her season hanging out, so she goes to say hi. Standing by her is Nick Viall! They apparently started a friendship on social media during his season, so he came to say hi. He said the potential of her being engaged after this and him not even meeting her yet bugged him! She wants to know if he is staying and he said that is her call, he thinks. She said she has to think about it.

Backstage, she said she really had good conversations with him and was sad when she left and wouldn’t be able to talk to him. She knows it is so late in the game though and it would be rude to the other guys. The evening portion of the date starts and Kaitlyn is acting weird, so she tells them about a guy from a previous season coming and she wants him to join the show. They talk about it and ask who it is and she says Nick. The guys seem to call her out on it and I like that. If she was confident in what she had there, then she wouldn’t let him join the show. Shawn is pissed and I love it. She said she’ll be right back and the guys talk about not wanting him there, but she walks out and meets Nick and kisses him! I am losing more and more respect for her right now! She tells him she wants to sleep on it and see him in the morning.

Back at the hotel, the date card comes and it is a one-on-one for Jared. Kaitlyn joins the guys again and Justin gives his approval for bringing Nick back, as it is just another guy. I guess that is enough for Kaitlyn, as she gives him the group date rose! So, did Kaitlyn even spend some alone time with any of the guys on the date besides Nick, who wasn’t even on the date???

The next morning comes and Kaitlyn calls Nick and they talk and she said she is going on a date that day and getting hair done and they should talk in person, so come meet her then. She amazingly goes to get her hair done by Ashley S. from her season and Ashley gives some good advice, as it is lust and needs to be more than that! Ashley was crazy on the show, but I like her.

The guys discuss it at the hotel and they seem torn about it all and Kaitlyn meets with Nick. She said she thinks she would regret if she let him go, so she is going to let him join the show. She doesn’t want him to move in with the guys today and they kiss again.

ONE-ON-ONE DATE – Time for the date and they are at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and they both get all dressed up and looking good. It is a beautiful setting and I love Jared, but Kaitlyn is not into it and thinking about Nick and him joining the show. Another date ruined by Nick, so good job. Kaitlyn brings it up and Jared said he wants to spend his time talking about them, which I respect. He said no matter what happens, it doesn’t affect his confidence and it is her journey. I feel this whole date is overshadowed by the Nick drama, but he seems like a good guy and a funny guy. He writes her a cute poem and I am loving him, as is Kaitlyn and he gets the rose! They end the date with a helicopter ride over NYC.

Back at the hotel, the guys are still talking about Nick. They get the date card and it is for Ian, Chris, Joe, Joshua and Ben H. That means everyone gets a date this week!

The next day arrives and Kaitlyn comes to the hotel to tell the men that she is going to bring Nick back, but he won’t go on a date this week. He is moving in tonight. She said she doesn’t like the energy in the room, but what was she expecting?

GROUP DATE #2 – For this date, they head to the theater and will be trying out for a spot in Aladdin! They will each be put through a Broadway audition and whoever is cast will be making their Broadway debut that night! That means the other guys go back to the hotel and one guy gets that time with Kaitlyn for the night! They do their dancing and do their singing and it is as funny as you would think! It was pretty much a battle between Chris and Ian, but they pick Chris and he gets that alone time with her. The other guys are not happy about having to go back to the hotel.

Chris and Kaitlyn get all done up and are a part of the show for like five seconds, so I am annoyed! They then enjoy some time together in NYC and get to go up to the ball for New Year’s Eve. They share a special moment and Chris gets the group date rose!

Back at the hotel, the guys are still trying to figure out how to approach Nick moving in, but they don’t have much time. The show ends as Nick walks in!

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