While there were many distractions on The Bachelorette 2015, including the men’s butts during the sumo wrestling date, we may have seen a new frontrunner come into play for Kaitlyn Bristowe on The Bachelorette Season 11! Ben Higgins was on the second group date and teaching kids about sex ed, but he stood out to her and could we be looking at the winner of The Bachelorette Season 11??? Check out some details below in our The Bachelorette 2015 spoilers!


Last night on The Bachelorette Season 11, a lot of the focus seemed to be on the men causing drama during Week 3, like Tony, Clint and JJ. However, producers should be focusing on the men trying to fall in love with Kaitlyn, like Ben H.

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Ben H. was part of the second group date, which had the guys heading to an elementary school and teaching some kids about sex education. While most of the guys had a difficult time with it, Ben H. took control of the situation and was very good up in front of the child actors. He also was very good with Kaitlyn at the after party and earned that group date rose! Kaitlyn talked about him in her weekly blog for People:

“I was also excited to hang out with Ben H. after how well he did on that date. The moment we shared on the helicopter pad was a game-changer for me. Getting dipped, overlooking LA on a helicopter pad while kissing Ben H., now that does NOT upset me.”

A game-changer, huh? Could we see Ben H. make it all the way to The Bachelorette 2015 finale???

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