It has only been a few months since we saw The Bachelor Sean Lowe struggle over sending Desiree Hartsock home on The Bachelor 2013, but fast forward to now and we have arrived at The Bachelorette 2013 premiere and Desiree gets her chance at finding love. Tonight on The Bachelorette Season 9 we get to see Desiree meet the 25 new guys who will be trying to get that rose from her. Find out who does during our The Bachelorette 2013 Spoilers Recap and see who was eliminated on The Bachelorette 2013 tonight!

The Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock

Tonight is all about meeting the 25 new men on The Bachelorette 2013, as they all arrive in their limo and try to impress enough to get a rose from Des tonight. Who will be successful and who will go home?

There is usually one rose that Des can give out before the Rose Ceremony tonight on The Bachelorette 2013 premiere, but we all remember that Sean Lowe messed with that system and gave out half the roses before the Rose Ceremony even started! Will des follow suit and hand them out when she feels like it? We will find out and meet the 25 new guys during our recap starting soon!

Here we go…do you think Des will find love that will last? Are the guys more drama than the girls on The Bachelor?

We start in Malibu and Des arrives at The Bachelorette mansion. She grew up with not a lot of things, but love is the most important thing in life and she wants what her parents have. The tears are already coming on The Bachelorette 2013! We look back at her time on The Bachelor 2013 and her rejection from Sean Lowe. Let’s move on, ok ABC?

She gets a cute convertible and we see her driving around. Will the new men ever come into the picture? Now she is on rollerskates and a bikini top. Oh lord!

We still won’t get to the men, as Des sits down with host Chris Harrison and how we feel bad for her and now she is Cinderella with the Bentley and what she is looking for in a guy. Again, let’s meet these men! She said she wants to let herself be completely free and open up her heart, but knows it will be draining. How beautiful is the area they are sitting in?

Now time for Des to get ready and she meets the men of The Bachelorette 2013. Are you ready?

We take a quick look at some of the men: Bryden, an Iraq War veteran; Will, who is a banker from Chicago and does yoga and he is annoying; Drew, who looks like a Ken doll and his parents divorced when he was young, his Dad is an alcoholic and his sister is mentally challenged; Nick R. is a tailor, but also a magician and will use his magic skills to win over Desiree; Zak W. doesn’t like to wear clothes; Robert is the guy behind the people you see on street corners spinning the signs (he invented the company); Mike R. was born in England, but lost the accent and a dental assistant; Brandon is an adrenaline junkie, but grew up with a rough life (his mom is an addict).

The Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock arrives and the men will arrive shortly after. Are we all ready to meet these men?

The first limo arrives and out first is Drew and he is checking her out big time and forgets to tell her his name, but the nerves and she likes what she sees. Brooks is next and he forgot to mention his name too! Brad brings a wishbone and then make a new wish for this season. Bryden tells her Sean made a huge mistake. Michael G. takes her for a walk and they go to the fountain and he tries to find the penny she made the wish with, but doesn’t so he finds his own pennies. That bombed!

The next limo arrives with Kasey, who works in social media and comes up with some hashtags for her. Will comes up and gives her a high-five and then a hug and gives her the nickname of Athena. Mikey T. is that man’s man and he says he understands where her brother was coming from. Jonathan comes up and he gives her a letter with a room key to the fantasy suite, but she said she is not that kind of girl on the first date and he bombs! Zak W. comes up and asks her to accept these abs, which she seems to like.

James is next and he said loyalty is love and that means the most to him. Larry tries to teach her a dance move and her heel gets caught in her dress…another fail! Nick R. comes up and burns her a rose and did the magic impress her? Zack K. wears tennis shoes with his tux. Now her knight in shining armor has arrived? Diogo is dressed in armor, but it is awkward with their conversation. Jonathan thinks it will be like a guy who waxes his eyebrows and either the girl will like it or not?!?!

Chris Harrison talks to Des for a bit, but now let’s meet the final ten guys. Chris comes out and gets down on a knee and makes a big production, but he jokes about wanting to tie his shoe. I like him! Mike R. puts on a doctor coat and wants to be her McDreamy. Robert didn’t bring his signs, but he is not much of a tie guy and takes it off and she asked if he was taking more off. Then time to meet Juan Pablo and they have a weird Spanish lesson. Apparently Brandon didn’t want to ride in the limo, so he rode his motorcycle in.

The next limo and Micah comes out and he designs his own suit, which looks hideous! Nick M. reads her a poem he wrote for her and it was cute…he tried. Dan is very easy on the eyes! Now we see the cutest kid get out of the limo named Brody, whose dad is Ben. He said his son is his everything, so he had to bring him. It was super cute and gave me a little tear. He said he wishes he could go to the party. Will a kid hurt his chances? That’s all 25 men, so bring on the party!

Chris tells her that all the roses are in the mansion and if she wants to give out one at any time during the night, when she wants to. Sean broke the rules and now she can do it too. Des arrives and let the sweet talking begin on The Bachelorette 2013! Nick R. tries to pull out the magic trick, but then said he is going to make Des disappear and he gets some one-on-one time with her. Brandon wants a rose and made a promise to talk to her as fast as possible and he comes in and steals her away, like a minute into Nick R.’s time. He has the sobriety coin from his mom and gives it to her and said she can give it to his Mom at hometown dates…big hopes, huh Brandon?

All the guys are fighting for those 19 roses in the room, but she has yet to give out any of them. Ben steals her away and she said he has the cutest kid. They seem to be connecting very well, so will we be seeing our first rose of the night? Yup, as Des comes in and grabs a rose and gives it to Ben and he gladly accepts!

Zak W. now wants to show Des he is serious and wants to be there, even though he is there shirtless!

Now all the guys are upset Ben got the rose and they didn’t and how do they get one. The jealousy is starting to kick in already! Zak W. said he started with a splash and must end with one, so he strips to his underwear and jumps in the pool! Then someone steals her away while he is in the water!! She comes and get a rose, but then surprises Zak W. with a rose for jumping in the water!

Bryden gets some time with Des and shares a story about his time in Iraq and helping out a kid there. She felt the conversation went well and natural, so he gets a rose! Juan Pablo gets some alone time with Des and she loves the accent and thinks he is a dream of a man. Juan brings a soccer ball with him and they kick the ball around a little, but then all the men join them and want to impress her. Who will get those roses?

Drew said that Des makes him smile and nervous and I thought he was a douche at first, but I am liking him more and more. He is super nervous and it is cute. She goes and gets a rose for him and he accepts, so another rose is handed out.

Larry wants to apologize for the dip and the dance move. It is just super awkward and he puts on and takes off his glasses like ten times. Nick M. and his poem get a rose. Jonathan is trying to makeup for the fantasy suite offer, but now he wants to try and get a kiss from her. Do you think Jonathan is a little drunk? He tells her that he has no filter and wants them to do something crazy, but then she wants to leave even without someone stealing her away! I think he is a goner tonight on The Bachelorette 2013!

She gives out another rose, but than Jonathan pulls her aside again and wants to show another side of himself. He wants to take her to the fantasy suite and she stops him and said he makes her feel uncomfortable and she doesn’t want to wait until the Rose Ceremony and sends him home!!! She was very classy about it and good for her!

Chris Harrison comes in and it is time for Des to make some decisions on who gets the last of the roses. Who are you hoping gets one?

Rose Ceremony Time: She has given out six roses already, so has 13 more to give out. They go to: Brandon, Zack K. and his tennis shoes, Will (we didn’t see him alone with her much tonight, but he gets a rose), Brooks (same for him, but he is the rumored winner), Juan Pablo (the accent worked for him), Brad, Kasey, James, Robert spun his way to a rose, Bryden, Dan (he is pretty), Chris (loved his show tying joke) and the final rose of the night goes to Mikey T. and all his muscles.

That means the guys not getting a rose tonight and have been eliminated on The Bachelorette 2013 are: Larry (dip fail), Nick R. (the magic did not work), Diogo (suit of armor fail), Mike R., Micah and Jonathan (fantasy suite fail).

We get a sneak peek at the full season and it looks like lots and lots of drama. Fights, James wants to be the next Bachelor, Ben might be this season’s Tierra, someone has a girlfriend and lots of tears. Did you enjoy The Bachelorette 2013 premiere tonight?

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