The one good thing about the Women Tell All special on The Bachelor 2019 is that we got an extended look at the Bachelor Finale coming up next week. It is going to be an emotional mess for Colton Underwood and the remaining women on The Bachelor Season 23. I mean, heck, his dad is even crying in these previews! Check out a sneak peek look at the two-night Bachelor Finale below in our The Bachelor 2019 spoilers!

The Bachelor 2019 Spoilers - Extended Look at Bachelor Finale

Last night on The Bachelor Season 23, not gonna lie, it felt like a wasted night. It was the Women Tell All special and did anyone care to see this? You know everyone is wondering what happens with Colton after he jumped that fence to end Monday night’s episode! However, we had to sit through two hours of the women all trying to yell over each other. Demi was being Demi and we had some randoms make their way into the camera to try and get some camera time.

[SPOILERS: Click here to find out The Bachelor Season 23 winner!]

For this preview, it shows us that they did find Colton, which was a given! From there, he is somewhere and he is talking to his father. Did he go back to the United States? is he continuing on with Tayshia and Hannah G., who they actually showed in the clips as well. It ends with Colton knocking on someone’s door, but we shall find out who that is next week during the two-night Bachelor Finale! Check out the sneak peek video here:

Are you excited for the Bachelor Finale next week on The Bachelor Season 23?

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