Colton Underwood has a very busy night ahead of him on The Bachelor 2019. He will be making his way around the country for the hometown dates on The Bachelor Season 23. After meeting all the families, it will be another tough decision for Colton. However, the fantasy suite dates are up next, but who gets eliminated on The Bachelor Season 23 tonight? Check it out with us during our The Bachelor 2019 Live Recap and see who went home on The Bachelor Season 23 tonight!

The Bachelor 2019 Spoilers - Week 8 Recap - Hometown Dates

Last week on The Bachelor Season 23, Colton and the seven remaining women made their way back to the United States, as they visited Colton’s hometown of Denver. Each date had roses at them for Colton to hand out and when all was said and done, he would know the final four women whose hometowns he would be visiting next week. The main focus seemed to be on the women that were there for not the right reasons, which Tayshia claimed was Caelynn and Cassie. Tensions were high all night, but all three of them ended up with a rose, as did Hannah G.

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The fun begins shortly on The Bachelor 2019 tonight, so follow along with our live recap below!


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Here we go…

Caelynn’s Hometown

We are in Fredericksburg, Virginia for this date. She hails a “taxi” and they get started, as they are riding a horse-drawn carriage around town to get some ice cream. It all just seems fake from Caelynn and forced, as she’s trying to be someone likable. They head out to meet her family, which seems to be everyone in the family tree there! Her dad is definitely keeping an eye on their every move.

After an awkward toast from Colton, Caelynn’s sister takes her aside to chat. She is definitely skeptical on things and questions the sincerity. Colton talks with her mom and said he hopes they see where they’re at and they both said they are falling in love with each other. She said she doesn’t know if Colton or Caelynn are ready. Her dad tells Caelynn it all sounds like a friend and he doesn’t want her to get hurt and he will always love her. Colton asks her father for permission to marry Caelynn and he said if it is built on a lifelong marriage, then he has his approval. Caelynn thought it went perfectly and it all just felt right. As the night ends, she tells Colton that she is confident she is fully in love with him.

Hannah G.’s Hometown

We are in Birmingham, Alabama for this date on The Bachelor 2019. She wants him to be the perfect Southern gentleman for meeting her parents, so they take an etiquette class together! Yeah, it did not go well for him!

They head out to meet her family at night. Her mother was taken aback by everything and she definitely doesn’t want Hannah G. to get hurt! Hannah talks with her girls and they wonder about him being a virgin and if he can commit to her. She talks with her mother and she thinks he’s a nice guy, but she is worried. Colton tells her father that he sees something special in her. He asks for his approval and his dad said if it continues, then he can give him his blessing. They end the date by saying they are falling in love with each other.

Tayshia’s Hometown

They are in Orange County, California and she said she’s got some fun planned today, which starts with her blindfolding Colton! She said their relationship is built on trust and they go for a ride. They end up going skydiving, which both of them are afraid of heights! Colton said this is payback, as he took her bungee jumping. There were lots of screaming, but they both survived and no deaths tonight on The Bachelor 2019! They don’t even wait until the night, as they share they are both falling in love with each other.

Now time for meeting the family on The Bachelor Season 23! Her family is definitely hesitant on things, especially since she has been married before and got hurt. Tayshia talks with her mother and she just wants to make sure she is finding pure love, but she is glad to see Tayshia glowing. Colton has an intense conversation with her father, as Colton said he is falling in love with Tayshia and she feels the same. Her father asks if it’s the same with the other women and Colton needs to be honest with Tayshia. Colton asks for his blessing and he said he just met him and he wants the best for her, so he can’t do that yet!

Tayshia talks with her father and he is grilling her on things also. She said she knows this is where her heart wants to be. He asks if she would say yes if Colton proposed to her and she said yes, which shocks her father. He said you can’t microwave a relationship. I like how skeptical he is on things, but he trusts her and because of that, he gives his blessing to Colton.

Cassie’s Hometown

We are now in Huntington Beach, California for Cassie’s hometown date and, of course, they are going surfing! Before that happens, she gives him a lesson. He said his feelings for her have only progressed, but needs to know where things stand with her today. Yeah, Colton is definitely a bad surfer! Colton asks where she is at and Cassie said she thinks she knows where she is at, but him meeting her family is key. He was looking for her to say she is falling in love and she does not!

They meet the family and there are definitely a LOT of screams when they walk in. Her dad is definitely eyeing Colton up and down. She talks with her sister and said she is not there yet about getting engaged, but she wouldn’t be in this if she can’t see it down the road. Cassie said she wants to be sure she is falling in love before she says it. He tells her mother that he is falling in love with Cassie. Cassie talks with her dad and he said how can she be sure about marriage in such a short amount of time. He definitely seems to get Cassie doubting things and not wanting to upset her father.

Colton sits down and chats with her father and he tells him he is falling in love with Cassie and she is special. Her father said it’s a lifelong commitment and it’s often done without a lot of thought. He said it would be done prematurely if he gave his blessing right now, which does not leave Colton in a good place. Even after the family time, Cassie could only say she doesn’t want this to end, but can’t tell him she is falling in love with her and now Colton said he is more confused then ever!

Rose Ceremony

The ladies all arrive and Chris Harrison walks them all in, as they are all nervous about this one. Colton said he has to trust his heart on this one, as he gives out the roses. They go to:

  • Hannah
  • Tayshia
  • Cassie

That means Caelynn is eliminated tonight on The Bachelor 2019! They go to talk and she said she is blindsided! Lots of tears, but he walks her to the vehicle. In her drive, she said she thought she was going to be engaged at the end of this, 100%. The night ends, as Colton asked to talk with Chris Harrison, as they go outside and the women stay inside. What’s that all about?

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