Another week of The Bachelor 2019 is here, as Colton Underwood and the remaining women on The Bachelor Season 23 are on the move again! It looks like the action will be taking place in Thailand tonight, so how many offensive things can this group do this week? It looks like we will have some major drama tonight, as we’ll see first kisses and ladies leaving on their own? Check it out with us during our The Bachelor 2019 Live Recap and see who went home on The Bachelor Season 23 tonight with us!

The Bachelor 2019 Spoilers - Week 5 Recap

Last week on The Bachelor Season 23, Colton and the ladies packed their bags and made their way to Singapore! Very early for leaving the United States, right? Regardless, Colton enjoyed two one-on-one dates with Caelynn and Tayshia, which Caelynn’s date was making headlines all week, and a group date. We saw drama between Demi and Courtney, which resulted in Demi telling Colton that Courtney was the cancer of the group and it must have worked, as Colton did send her home that night. He also sent home Tracy Shapoff, which left us with 13 women on the season.

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The fun begins shortly on The Bachelor 2019 tonight, so follow along with our live recap below!


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Here we go….


The ladies have arrived and Colton is shirtless, of course. In their suite, the first date card arrives and it’s a one-on-one date for Heather, who seems to be very excited and her job states “Never Been Kissed.”

Heather’s One-on-One Date

So, this date is basically going to be about her getting that first kiss. She walks up and hugs Colton and straddles him, so she ain’t moving too slow. They head out for a boat ride. They arrive in a floating city, as they do some shopping and Heather is feeling so excited to be with Colton. He feeds her some noodles and we just have beyond awkward moments, as she is wanting the kiss to happen naturally, but she is dying for him to kiss her!

No kiss for the day portion of the date, but time for the evening portion and Heather talks about her previous boyfriend and how they didn’t kiss. She said she wants to move forward with Colton, which prompts him to give her the date rose. They go for a walk on the beach and, of course, the fireworks start going off and they kiss! She says it felt so natural, but come on now, how staged was that one?

Hotel Drama

The drama is beginning with Elyse, as she is back at the hotel and feeling insecure. They had a great one-on-one date and now she has to sit back and watch everyone else go on one. Now she is worried and wants validation that Colton is on the same page as her.

Now the date card arrives and it’s a group date for Demi, Caelynn, Hannah B., Sydney, Tayshia, Kirpa, Onyeka, Nicole, Katie, Hannah G. and Elyse! Elyse is not happy, but Cassie is beyond excited to get the second one-on-one date of the night on The Bachelor 2019!

Elyse Leaves?

Heather comes back to the hotel from her date and is all excited and tells everyone they kissed. Elyse said she is happy for her, but she leaves the hotel. She is all done up and the ladies aren’t sure where she went!

She goes to Colton’s room and basically, she said she likes him, but she can’t share him. She can’t accept his proposal in the end after sharing him with all these women. This isn’t working for her and she has to leave, which she hates saying it. She does know she signed up for The Bachelor 2019, right? I mean, the show is all these women fighting for one man and a proposal coming after all of that. Go home, girl! The tears come, but Elyse does eliminate herself from the show.

Group Date

After seeing Colton get emotional in a video message about his breakup with Elyse and if he’ll hear those words again about not being good enough, it is time for the group date and they are in the jungle for this one. They are learning survival skills with Colton’s friend Joe, as they are eating bugs and letting scorpions crawl on them and Colton run away from a snake. They break into two teams and have to find food and water. While out in teams, Tayshia steals Colton away and gives him a big kiss. Another team decides to go to a restaurant and gets booze and burgers for their water and food!

Time for the evening portion of the group date on The Bachelor 2019 and the ladies are ready for some alone time with Colton. Tayshia gets some more alone time and more kisses and he thanks her for making him feeling special today. Hannah B. wants to stay and said she’d do whatever it takes, as she tells Colton that she is falling in love with him! Before leaving, apparently Elyse told Onyeka some information about Nicole and how she doesn’t really want to be here for Colton, so Onyeka feels she needs to tell Colton this information.

Onyeka chats with Colton and tells him that Nicole is using this opportunity to leave Miami, per Elyse. Colton talks to Nicole and she denies it. Back at the group of ladies, Onyeka is talking about Nicole and Tayshia calls her out and said she was there for the conversation and Nicole did not say she is doing this to get out of Miami, but you have to take opportunities when they come. Onyeka doesn’t seem to be phased by it and says that Nicole just cries every day. Then Colton comes back and the group date rose goes to Hannah B.

Cassie’s One-on-One Date

They head out on a boat for an adventure at sea. Colton said he feels so comfortable around her and she said she feels speechless after leaving him. The boat happens to take them to their own private island for the day! They spend time in the ocean and just kissing!

For the evening portion, they talk about her being judged for not being a virgin and she seems worried about that. They get in his bed and he said he normally doesn’t allow for that to happen on first date. She said she feels like she has known him for so long and he agrees and says he is crazy about her. They don’t show it, but she does get the rose.

Cocktail Party

Demi is confident she isn’t one of the women going home. There is definite tension between Onyeka and Nicole. Tayshia surprised Colton by bringing a Chinese lantern that they lit and wished upon at the beach. Colton is enjoying himself and he said his wife is here and he just wants to enjoy the night.

Well, that isn’t happening tonight, as Nicole talks with him and tells him what Onyeka said couldn’t be further from the truth. Then she drops a bomb, as she said that Onyeka has been bullying and belittling her since the moment they met. Colton asks Onyeka about this, as she denies it and then trash talks Nicole. Oh, these silly women!

The women have a talk, which turns vocal and they keep going around in circles. It is petty drama and they are both annoying me, as no one cares. They are so loud and Colton heard them, so he goes over to see what’s going on. He tells the ladies to keep talking and they get more vocal and Colton walks away upset. He said he is over it, as both Onyeka and Nicole both try to talk to him and he says not now.

It ends with Colton on the beach saying he’s over it, as “To Be Continued….” pops on the screen!

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