The end has come, as Colton Underwood picks the winner of The Bachelor 2019 tonight during the Bachelor Finale on ABC! We are in a weird predicament though, as we truly don’t know where things stand heading into tonight on The Bachelor Season 23. Cassie Randolph seemed to eliminate herself. Colton jumped a fence. Tayshia Adams is riding a high after her overnight date. Hannah Godwin is waiting for her fantasy suite date to even happen! Things are definitely all messed up for Colton on The Bachelor Season 23, but it all gets worked out with Night 1 of the Bachelor Finale tonight, but who does he pick as the winner of The Bachelor? Find out with us during our The Bachelor 2019 Live Recap that follows!

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The Bachelor 2019 Spoilers - Bachelor Finale Recap

Last week on The Bachelor Season 23, not gonna lie, it felt like a wasted night on Tuesday. It was the Women Tell All special and did anyone care to see this? You know everyone is wondering what happens with Colton after he jumped that fence to end Monday night’s episode! However, we had to sit through two hours of the women all trying to yell over each other. Demi was being Demi and we had some randoms make their way into the camera to try and get some camera time.

The fun begins shortly on The Bachelor 2019 tonight, so follow along with our live recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Bachelor 2019 Live Recap or see who won The Bachelor Season 23 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…

It looks like Chris Harrison is live in the studio, so they will pre-record tomorrow’s ATFR special or get a new crowd?

A Look Back

I guess we are going to go back and look at the season starting with those limo arrivals on Night 1! It’s funny to me seeing Cassie argue with Kirpa about Kirpa saying that Cassie said she wasn’t ready to be engaged at the end of this. Then Cassie left because she was not ready to be engaged! Stay home, Cassie!

What Happened Next?

We go back to that fence-jumping moment from last week. They walk around and try to find him and no luck. They get in a van and start driving around and the producers finally find him and he is not happy. Chris catches up with him and Colton said he wants to be done with it all. He agrees to go to the car and get a ride to the hotel. They talk about Cassie and Colton said he is not good enough, but Chris reminds him of Tayshia and Hannah G. still be there and they have said they love him. Colton gets in the car and heads out, but what is next?

A Shocking Twist?

It’s the next morning and Chris heads over to talk with Colton about what happens next on The Bachelor 2019. He said he was falling in love with Tayshia and Hannah, but he fell in love with Cassie. That conversation with Cassie is what took him to the edge. Colton thinks the process and the other two ladies still being there is what is holding Cassie back. He said he came here for love and he found it and life without Cassie wouldn’t be complete. He said he is going to fight for someone he loves and that’s what he wants to do.

The Breakups

He said Cassie broke up with him last night and he’s the loneliest he’s ever been. He wants to show her that he wants to be with her and he knows what he needs to do. What is that something? Well, it happens to be ending things with the other two ladies! Tayshia is up first and he breaks up with her and he is a crying mess. Why? She seems to be consoling him, as she asked to talk with no cameras. They go inside, but still have their microphones on. She said she doesn’t want to go through this now, but she heads out and Colton is still a mess.

Tayshia In The Hot Seat

Tayshia is live in the studio now with Chris Harrison. She said it’s difficult watching it back again. It was emotional and she was not ready for her journey to end there. She was shocked when he came to the door. It hurt hearing that he was in love with Cassie, as she said she laid it all out there for him.

It looks like Colton will be joining them live in the studio also, which is awkward at first. Tayshia questions him on things and asks him what was missing. Basically, he wanted Cassie and it closed him off to everyone else. He said he stands by all the decisions he made.

Another Breakup

While Hannah G. is excited about her date with Colton and how she loves him, she gets a surprise visit from Colton. Same story, as he tells her that he can’t be in love with two people. He realized that he loves Cassie. This is extra shocking for Hannah, as she hasn’t even had her overnight date yet! He said he feels sick. She asked what didn’t work and he said he doesn’t have anything wrong. He said she makes him better and she said that’s what she does. Makes them better and then they leave her. She is embarrassed and just wants to leave.

He said he doesn’t know if he’s making the right decision. He has someone that loves him and he is ending it. He said he’s trying his best and hoping he is making the right decision. She is upset that they didn’t get to explore them or her tell him that she loved him. He said she doesn’t deserve to be someone’s backup plan. He leaves and breaks down and she leaves and is not happy!

Hannah G. In The Hot Seat

We now have Hannah live in the studio with Chris Harrison. She said it’s not fun watching and she’s been dreading that moment for months. She was in love with Colton and thought that he felt the same way. She said her heart was so in it. She was hoping for more closure watching it back each week, but she is more confused than ever.

Colton comes out to join them. Hannah tells him that she thought it was them and he gave her every reason to think that. She wonders why everyone else was given a full chance with him to give it their all, but she was not. He said he realized that he was all-in with Cassie, so he couldn’t do that to Hannah and be a backup plan. She said what Cassie did to him is what he did to her and she kept thinking he was going to come running back for her. Hannah tells him it was a slap in the face when he told Cassie that he was thinking about her while he was on other dates.

No Women Left

There are no women left for Colton on The Bachelor 2019, so I guess Chris Harrison is going to just bring out some old Bachelors to talk to about the journey and where Colton stands. This is a whole waste of time and my energy, as they say nothing and we have awkward silence at times and they even talk about Colton’s new hairstyle, so mind-blowing stuff here!

Back to Portugal

We go back to Colton in Portugal and he said this is over. He said he just wants to be with Cassie and doesn’t want to leave without her. Then we just happen to go to Cassie and she’s in her hotel room. She didn’t want to be the one to be in the way of Colton getting his dream, so she is ready to go home and be with family and move on. He said he didn’t fight like this in past relationships, but he’s doing that now and he’s not sure if he’s fighting for something that’s impossible. He goes to her hotel room and knocks on the door and as she answers, we go back to Chris Harrison in the studio!

Colton will ask for a second chance, but will Cassie take him back? We find out tomorrow night!

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