It looks like Chris Soules and the remaining women on The Bachelor 2015 will be making their way to Iowa tonight and one of the lucky ladies gets to go to his hometown and meet his parents! What a big step for her, but we saw in The Bachelor Season 19 preview about Jade talking about being in Playboy before! Will Jade tell Chris about Playboy tonight on The Bachelor Season 19? Check out some details below in our The Bachelor 2015 spoilers!

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For Week 7 on The Bachelor Season 19, things kickoff tonight with the two-night Bachelor event and here is the official synopsis from ABC:

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Chris puts a difficult, heart-wrenching week behind him, but tough decisions remain at the cocktail party in Deadwood, South Dakota, where he sends home an easygoing, carefree bachelorette. He proceeds to break the rules once more and the other lucky women accompany him to his home state of Iowa, where they get a sneak peek of what life with the Bachelor might be like. Jade snares her second one-on-one date and the chance to visit Chris’ hometown of Arlington, Iowa. Another one-on-one date with Whitney to Des Moines has the couple celebrating love in photos, but then she is grilled by Chris’ best friends. What will be their verdict? The rest of the women decide to take their own road trip to Arlington, and they are in for a reality check. How will they react to the town being that small? One woman shares a dark secret she has been keeping from Chris, but when will he find out? A high stakes group date pits two frontrunners against an underdog with the rose winner automatically getting a hometown date. It all culminates in one jealous woman confronting Chris in a devastating meltdown, on The Bachelor.”

Remember, we have still have to wrap things up in Deadwood and Chris needs to send one more lady home! Then it is off to Iowa and it looks like Jade gets that one-on-one date in his hometown, but will she tell him about Playboy then or later? I am thinking later! Check out a sneak peek look at Week 7 and their one-on-one date here:

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