Time for the Women Tell All on The Bachelor 2015 tonight, as the women on The Bachelor Season 19 sit down with Chris Harrison to discuss the season and discuss the drama that none of us want to relive! The previews are saying it is one of the most intense and craziest Women Tell All specials ever, but don’t they say that every season??? Will it truly be that explosive? We’ll find out soon enough, so follow along with us during our The Bachelor 2015 Spoilers Recap below!


Last week on The Bachelor Season 19Chris Soules and the remaining ladies finally left the country, as they headed to Bali for the Fantasy Suite Dates! Chris was down to the final three women and it looked like he was struggling big time with this decision. The main focus for the week was Becca and telling Chris that she is a virgin, which really had no affect on anything. In the end, he shocked most of us and sent Kaitlyn Bristowe home and kept Becca and Whitney for the finals next week, but first we have to listen to some Women Tell All tonight!

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The fun begins shortly on The Bachelor 2015 tonight, so follow along with our recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Bachelor 2015 Spoilers Recap or see who went home on The Bachelor Season 19 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…we start with seeing Chris and Chris crashing some Bachelor viewing parties.

Time for the women to join Chris Harrison and in attendance tonight are Nikki, Trina, Juelia, Tara, Amber, Megan, Samantha, Jordan, Ashley S., Jillian, Kelsey, Britt, Mackenzie, Ashley I., Jade, Carly and Kaitlyn. We start back looking at some of the drama and moments from the season.

They reshow the moment between Britt and Carly. Britt is already emotional and questions Carly on being her friend and lying to her all season. Trina, who never got camera time this season, speaks up and said it was about Chris and not their friendships.

BRITT NILSSON – Chris just calls her down to get it over with. She feels she was interpreted bad and it just starts big drama. Jillian going off on Carly for being vindictive and jealous and hating on Britt and her. Britt not understanding how they said she didn’t want kids when she does. We get back into Carly and Britt and Britt asks for an example and Carly is giving one, but Britt won’t let her freaking finish! Chris asks her about moving to Arlington and she said she could, but the women laugh at her. She thinks she would still be on the show had Carly not been in the picture. She says she came on the show for love and she felt she was. As she ends it, what is she wearing tonight on The Bachelor 2015?

KELSEY POE – She said it feels like she is grieving again. She said the panic attack was a natural reaction to what she went through that day. She thinks the women didn’t like her because she uses big words. She wishes she could be accepted, warts and all. The women are dying to speak, but Chris keeps cutting them off! She does apologize to Ashley I. and said it was a moment of anger. Juelia said she is the most calculated people she has ever met and she is so fake. Samantha said she felt she went home that night because of Kelsey’s drama. They talk about some of the women and America thinking that her husband wasn’t real. She said she regrets saying her story was amazing and she was not trying to manipulate a situation.

ASHLEY SLATER – How crazy was she on The Bachelor Season 19??? She brought Chris a hosting gift and brings him an onion! As crazy as she was, she is a hoot on this section. I think she is just crazy, but it is all an act and she is so good at it. Everyone is having a good laugh, as am I! She said with the cameras around, it is hard for her not to be silly. Chris said he is begging her to be on Bachelor in Paradise, even though he might be overstepping his boundaries. She does not answer him though, but the audience cheers her on!

JADE ROPER – She said she was falling in love with Chris and felt like he was genuine with her Playboy photo shoot. He said it was fine, but she questions it now. She said she is nervous to see Chris and didn’t feel like there was enough closure for her and wants to know exactly why.

KAITLYN BRISTOWE – She said it is not easy watching it back and seeing her heart broken. She said that was the most confident she felt going into a Rose Ceremony. She said she thinks about it every day since it has happened. She said her heart still hurts and she was crushed and misses him. She said in that moment, she was blindsided.

CHRIS SOULES – Time to bring out the man of the hour! He tells Britt that he would never make a decision based on what other people say and it was their journey that made him decide to send her home. Kaitlyn wants answers and he said it was great with all three of them and he was still wavering going into that Rose Ceremony. He said he made mistakes and in that moment, he did the best he could. Jade questions him on his blog and how his family described her one way and he saw another girl and it was disturbing to him. She said he said it was awkward to look at the photos, but they agreed to do it together. He said they both had to feel awkward and something they had to do to get past it, but a poor choice of words.

As always, it is the bloopers from the season! Some of them are funny, so always a good way to end the drama-filled show! It is then a preview for the finale next week! It looks like he is very confused!

What did you think of The Bachelor Season 19 tonight?

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