It was an exciting night having Jimmy Kimmel on The Bachelor Season 19 last night and our The Bachelor 2015 spoilers are giving us some details on a possible new frontrunner for Chris Soules on The Bachelor 2015! Jimmy surprised Chris with his arrival and he ended up bringing us a lot of laughs along the way, but did Kaitlyn Bristowe take hold of the frontrunner spot after their one-on-one date last night? Check out our The Bachelor 2015 spoilers below for details!


Last night on The Bachelor Season 19the first one-on-one date of the night went to Kaitlyn. Sure, she has had some inappropriate jokes along the way, but I kind of like that. She has a dirty mind and she is not holding anything back. I think we see the real Kaitlyn and not someone fake trying to impress Chris, so I enjoy that about her.

For this date, the date card made it sound like they were going on some extravagant date and it was going to be an amazing day. As it turns out, they went shopping at Costco and went back to Chris’ place to cook dinner for Jimmy and spend some time with him in the hot tub! I loved it though, as it was a “normal” date and not the extravagant dates they normally go on, which is something a normal couple wouldn’t do.

As far as the date, it looks like Kaitlyn impressed Chris, as he stated in his weekly blog for People:

All in all, though, as hilarious and ‘normal’ as our date was, it really showed me that Kaitlyn was someone I could really see myself with. She could joke around with Jimmy Kimmel, but she could also be sensitive and romantic. I have to give Jimmy well-deserved props for that date. But next time, Jimmy, please eat your chicken wings alone.”



So, do you think Kaitlyn Bristowe wins The Bachelor 2015?

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