One thing seems certain for The Bachelor 2015, Chris Soules is definitely not afraid to kiss any of the women on The Bachelor Season 19 and they are definitely not afraid to share it with the world! This has been an interesting couple weeks to the new season of The Bachelor, as we have seen Chris keep some of the women that we would have sent home on Night 1. With that being said, Bachelor host Chris Harrison talks about all that kissing in our The Bachelor 2015 spoilers below!

The Bachelor Chris Soules

You knew we were in for a very kissable season when Chris Soules is making out with one of the ladies (Britt) during the first Cocktail Party! Usually the guys hold off until at least one of the first dates of the season, but Chris was going in and going in strong!

[SPOILERS: Click here to find out Chris’ final four women!]

The problem with that: the women are all talking about it and the jealousy factor is going to build more and more as The Bachelor Season 19 moves forward. Chris Harrison talked about this in his weekly blog for Yahoo TV:

You might have noticed Chris is not shy about making out with the ladies. But what’s strange to me is how open the women are about sharing this information. All of them are running around talking about how they kissed Chris, and how many times they kissed him. Have any of you ever seen this show before? Chris is also very open about showing his affection in front of other ladies. He might need to be a little more careful as we move forward; as feelings grow so will resentment and anger if women see too much of that.”

So, when do the claws come out from all of this kissing?

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