In some of our craziest The Bachelor 2015 spoilers of the season, is it true that Chris Soules admitted to flipping a coin to determine who to send home on The Bachelor Season 19 after the Fantasy Suite Dates??? That is beyond insane, but for him to admit it at the Women Tell All this week makes me want to watch it now! Check out all the details below in our The Bachelor 2015 spoilers!


This past week, we were all kind of shocked when Chris sent home Kaitlyn Bristowe and kept Becca Tilley over her. He seemed pretty confident on keeping one of the women (Whitney Bischoff), but he was torn on who the second rose should go to. He talked with Becca before making his final decision at the Rose Ceremony and then gave her a rose. What we missed seeing: the coin flip!

[SPOILERS: Click here to find out The Bachelor Season 19 winner!]

According to In Touch Weekly, this all comes out at the Women Tell All Special airing this Monday night! Their source claims that Kaitlyn confront Chris during the taping and his response: “Chris said, ‘I flipped a coin!’ He had no other explanation. Kaitlyn wasn’t comforted by the fact that her fate was left to a 50-50 coin toss.”

While it sucks he did this, why does he admit it? Is it a joke that went bad? With that being said, he clearly has his winner chosen, like I stated here, so does it matter who went home since he knows he truly wants Whitney?

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