We are back with another week of The Apprentice 2015 tonight on NBC and it looks like Donald Trump may be getting his dream when he cast two Housewives on The Celebrity Apprentice 2015! We are only into Week 2 on The Celebrity Apprentice Season 7 and the claws are going to come out tonight, as they argue who is the prettier one! Yup, being all petty while the show is supposed to be all about raising money for charity? Sure! Check out the Week 2 sneak peek below in our The Apprentice 2015 spoilers!

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The Apprentice 2015 Premiere Night 2 Results

For Week 2 on The Apprentice Season 14, here is the official synopsis from NBC:

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“The celebrity teams create a fitness advertorial for Cosmo Body Magazine. Two members of the men’s team solidify their rivalry, while the women fight over who should be the fitness model for their photo shoot. Boardroom Advisors: Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. In the second hour, the project managers fight hard to make the most money for their charities by selling wedding dresses. One celebrity has a panic attack and disappears from the team, while another tries to redeem herself from a past fundraising blunder. In a dramatic boardroom, Mr. Trump sends another celebrity home. Boardroom Advisors: Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump.”

The big question of the night will be whether or not the men can get back to their winning ways! They won the first challenge thanks to Geraldo Rivera bringing in some money, but have lost two straight to the women. Check out a sneak peek look at Week 2 on The Apprentice 2015 here:

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Now take a look at a sneak peek video for Week 2 here:

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