It looks like The Apprentice 2015 cast is taking their drama onto the water tonight on The Celebrity Apprentice 2015, as the teams are giving boat tours of New York City and someone takes it a little too far, but is it to sabotage the project manager? They are on the water, so maybe they should settle down on the drama because they can easily be tossed over the side! Watch it with us during our The Apprentice 2015 Recap and see who got eliminated on The Apprentice 2015 tonight!

Celebrity Apprentice - Season 14

Last week on The Celebrity Apprentice Season 7, it was another night of tasks and we got to see Joan Rivers in one of her final TV appearances ever. She was a boardroom advisor for the first task, which had the teams creating mobile boutiques to showcase Ivanka Trump’s new shoe line for Nordstrom. It ended with Shawn Johnson being fired because she did not step up as project manager. In the second task, the teams had to create a viral video for Chock Full O’Nuts. Lorenzo Lamas was the director of the losing video and he told Trump to send him home, so he did!

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The fun begins real soon, so follow along with tonight’s new episode below in our recap starting soon!


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Here we go…

TASK #1 – The teams will have to create Circle Line Tours for New York City. Project managers for the task are Sig Hansen for Team Vortex and Brandi Glanville for Team Infinity. They will be judged on creativity and the tours will be given to the public, who will also be the judges for this task!

BOAT TOURS – The teams get started working on their tasks and come up with themes for their tours. The tours get started and everyone is having a good time and both teams have a lot of knowledge of the landmarks, but Geraldo Rivera goes a little too far with the World Trade Center and terrorists talk! We also had Hooter girls on Team Vortex and they did not go over very well either.

BOARDROOM – The guests seemed to like things from each of the tours, but they liked Team Infinity’s tour a little bit more and Brandi wins money for her charity! For Team Vortex, it came down to the project manager making some bad decisions and Trump fired Sig Hansen, but did give him $45,000 for his charity!

TASK #2 – Before the task starts on The Apprentice 2015, we see Trump move Kenya to Team Vortex. For this task, the teams will be creating a three-dimensional platform that shows people what it is like to spend a weekend at Trump National Doral Miami! The project managers will be Ian for Team Infinity and Kate for Team Vortex.

WORKING THE TASK – Kenya and Vivica go out shopping, but Kenya wanted to be designing the platform. She then throws Vivica under the bus to Kate and saying she has no say while shopping. The presentations take place and Kenya talks for Team Vortex, even though she hates the platform. Team Infinity seems to have a better platform, but Ian stumbles through the questions.

BOARDROOM – We see drama between Vivica and Kenya head over into the boardroom. Brandi said a black cloud was lifted off their team when Kenya left. They did not like what Team Infinity did at all, so they lost and one of them will be going home tonight! Despite the talk being of Kenya and how bad she is on the team, Trump thought that Kate failed as project manager and there was no real concept and he fires her!

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