While we saw The Apprentice 2015 premiere last night, get ready for another night of Donald Trump and The Apprentice 2015 cast, as Night 2 of the premiere takes place! The Celebrity Apprentice 2015 will air on Monday nights this season, so it now takes it’s normal timeslot and we have twice the challenges, twice the boardrooms and twice the drama! Watch it with us tonight during our The Apprentice 2015 Recap and see who got eliminated on The Apprentice 2015 tonight!

The Apprentice 2015 Premiere Night 2 Recap


Last night on Celebrity Apprentice 2015, the new cast made their way into the freezing cold and got their first task of the season: create and sell a sweet and a savory pie. From there, the drama began on the inside when the teams had to come up with a team name. Why does this part of the season always tend to bring a lot of drama? It is just a name people! It ended up being a battle between Geraldo Rivera for Team Vortex and Keshia Knight Pulliam for Team Infinity. It came down to who raised more money and the men easily beat the women and Keshia had no defense when raising such a small amount compared to the men, so Trump fired her.

The fun begins real soon, so follow along with tonight’s new episode below in our recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Apprentice 2015 Recap or see who went home on The Celebrity Apprentice 2015 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…the celebs are back and waiting to see who comes back, but is anyone surprised that Keshia was fired. Kate is upset that Brandi called her lazy.

FIRST CHALLENGE: For this challenge, they will be creating a commercial for Neat. Kenya is not there because of a prior commitment, but she’ll be back by the end of the task. This is a technology product. Kate steps up for Team Infinity (she did not want to) and Kevin steps up for Team Vortex.

Here we go, as Geraldo is trying to take things over and mad that he is in the other van than the project manager. The women get to their new war room and where they will be shooting the task. Kate has no clue and the women think they have no project manager on this one! The executives come in to give them some info on the products. They then go to the men and Kevin asked all the men to pay attention to the executives, but then Geraldo gets a phone call and makes a big scene. He is clearly trying to screw over Kevin on this one!

The women are discussing and everyone seems to have an idea and Kate has no leadership. Shawn Johnson comes up with the concept and have a disheveled lady and their products help organize them. Leeza and Brandi are working on the commercial and Kate is eating. Kevin is leading and delegating and running things smoothly and Geraldo volunteers to type the script, so he agrees and gives him that task.

Brandi is worrying that nothing is going on and Kate thinks she is panicking. They start shooting and Leeza takes control and is running the show, so why is Kate there? Gilbert is the lead for the commercial and Lorenzo is running things behind the camera. Sig got Mike Rowe to be a voiceover and Geraldo thinks he would be a better option. He throws a fit, so Lorenzo gives him a shot to record it in case Mike does not work out and Gerlado is an ass about it. Send him home Trump!

The teams on The Apprentice 2015 are editing their recordings. Geraldo is just a pain. The women are happy with what they have and they pulled it off.

PRESENTATIONS: Team Infinity is up first and it started strong, but then faded away and then ended strong. I am hoping they lose just so Kate can go home! Team Vortex is very informative in their commercial, but it is very boring!

BOARDROOM: Geraldo said Kevin had his favorites. Props are given to Gilbert for being great during the commercial. Geraldo is confident they won. Kate is hesitant in anything that she says, so these women are going to eat her alive at some point. She said she would fire Brandi for being a distraction. They both had positive and negatives, but the women win this task! Kate gets $40,000 for her charity, which is her rent this month!

The women enjoy their victory and now the men are fighting it out in the boardroom. It seems like they all think Geraldo held them back. It is mentioned of the direction of the video, which Lorenzo was in charge of. However, Kevin decides to bring back Geraldo and Ian, which he says he brought him back for a united front. Yeah, this is going to come back to hurt Kevin.

Yup, Trump is focusing on the director not being there. Ian and Kevin said that Geraldo would be fired. Trump just tries to start drama in the boardroom and it is pointless, as it ends with him firing Kevin and we all knew this would happen. Even if he brought back Lorenzo, Kevin was being fired tonight!

Back in the suite and they are excited to see Ian back, but think Geraldo is tough to beat in the boardroom. This just feeds his ego and I want to slap him!

SECOND CHALLENGE: For this challenge, they will be working with Luvo. They will be creating a Luvo bistro and highlighting their food and brand and have a tasting of the food. They will be judged on brand messaging and overall presentation. The project managers will be Vivica from Team Infinity and Terrell for Team Vortex.

The women are discussing and throwing out a ton of ideas and everyone talking at once. Vivica reigns them in and gets them in order and I like it. She is strong and not going to take any slack. They come up with a concept and it seems like it could be a good one and they are on task right now! The men are not on the same page and Geraldo has too many bad ideas.

The women are heading to the test kitchen and apparently Shawn has PMS and normally doesn’t get out of bed! Vivica ain’t having it. The men get there and start tasting the food and trying to select which dish to pick. The women are tasting food and Shawn and Kate go out to get props and decorations. The men are working on their script and Gilbert is improvising and they are worried he is working to the right crowd.

Now we see Kate and Shawn running behind and Vivica is not happy. The men seem to not be happy with the branding message, which Geraldo picked. Gilbert is still struggling with his lines. The ladies get back and it is a rush to get things setup to save time the next morning. They never practice what they are actually presenting!

PRESENTATIONS: Team Vortex is up first and they are serving very well and seem to be moving things along very nicely. Gilbert ends it with dessert and he is trying for jokes and the executives are not liking it at all! The jokes were funny, but it was not a comedy club.

Team Infinity is up next and they start strong and Coach Fox is doing good. However, they have issues back in the kitchen and getting the dishes served from each entree. Drama unfolds and Kenya is a b**** and Jamie ain’t having it, which I love seeing! They get the task done, but who knows how this is going to go.

BOARDROOM: Terrell thinks they won and said Gilbert is Gilbert. Vivica said that Shawn checked out on her on this task. It turns to Shawn checking out, which I did not see her do. Jamie calls out Kenya for being rude. After all the chatter, the winner of this task on The Apprentice 2015 was the women again, so Vivica gets $50,000 for her charity. Back in the suite, Shawn calls out Vivica for saying about her personal issues and said it was trashy…get it Shawn!

The men are in the boardroom and does this matter? It will be either Terrell or Gilbert and I think Gilbert will be going since his jokes bombed. What do you think? Of course, the slogan gets brought up and Geraldo is brought up again. No shocker, but Terrell brings back Geraldo and Gilbert.

It comes down to whether or not the bigger mistake was the slogan or the inappropriate jokes? Trump makes the final say and he doesn’t fire him for being inappropriate, but the executives did not like it and that is all that matters, so Gilbert is fired!

What do you think of the results on The Celebrity Apprentice 2015 tonight?

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