Get ready, as Donald Trump is back on The Apprentice 2015 tonight and we have 16 new celebrities fighting it out in the boardroom to become the next winner of The Celebrity Apprentice 2015! It is crazy to think, but this show has been off the air for almost two years, but it returns tonight with the Celebrity Apprentice 2015 premiere and it looks like we could be in store for a very good, but very dramatic season! Check out a sneak peek at the premiere below in our The Apprentice 2015 spoilers!

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The Celebrity Apprentice - Season 14

For this premiere, it looks like we will first be meeting the 16 new celebrities, which range from Sig Hansen from Deadliest Catch to talk show host Geraldo Rivera. We have housewives and Olympic athletes, so it should be a competitive season that is for sure!

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We start the season with the contestants trying to create and sell pies, which I don’t think there are any chefs in the mix! We will have Ivanka Trump and Piers Morgan joining Trump as his boardroom advisors for The Apprentice 2015 premiere tonight! Check out a sneak peek look at The Apprentice 2015 premiere here:

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Now take a look at a sneak peek video of tonight’s premiere:

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