If you are a true fan of The Celebrity Apprentice 2015, then you know you have been waiting almost two years now since an episode of The Apprentice 2015 has aired. That all changes tonight, as Donal Trump returns to NBC and he is bringing 16 new celebrities with him and they all want to become the next winner of Celebrity Apprentice 2015! The drama starts tonight on The Apprentice Season 14 and we are a little excited about it’s return! Watch it with us tonight during our The Apprentice 2015 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on The Apprentice 2015 tonight!

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The Celebrity Apprentice 2015 Spoilers - Season Premiere

For this premiere, it looks like we will first be meeting the 16 new celebrities, which range from Sig Hansen from Deadliest Catch to talk show host Geraldo Rivera. We have housewives and Olympic athletes, so it should be a competitive season that is for sure! Things kick off with the men taking on the women in a challenge of creating and selling pies for their charities. This will all lead to a dramatic boardroom, which Trump will eat right up and so will we!

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The fun begins real soon, so follow along with tonight’s new episode below in our Live Recap starting soon!


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Here we go…a look at the new celebrities this season. Who are you looking forward to seeing this season?

CHALLENGE: They will be creating and selling their own pies. The Cake Boss will be picking the team’s pie he likes best and the project manager will get a bonus. The teams are divided into men and women and they have to pick a team name and project manager.

The women discuss and they go with Kenya’s pick, which is Team Infinity. Geraldo Rivera never shuts up and the men go with his idea, which is Team Vortex. Now time to pick the project managers and none of the women want to do it, but Keshia takes charge! Brandi and Shawn will be heading up the social media aspect of things. In comes Piers Morgan and he tells them this is all about money and Keisha better have some contacts to raise money.

The men talk and they name Geraldo as project manager and he said he has some high rollers under his belt. Ivanka Trump comes in to chat and she thinks they are harmonious, but we know that won’t last long on The Apprentice 2015! Kevin Jonas has a big following on Twitter, so they are thinking he can pull in some customers that way.

The men head into the shop the next day and Geraldo wants to talk social media and Kevin wants to make pies. The women start working on their pies and coming up with ideas for their two pies and Keisha and Kate fight over the name of one pie. I am sick of them all already and Kate wants us to think she actually cooks for her kids. The men are cooking their pie crusts and it looks like someone forgot to turn on a timer and they have burnt crusts!

The women are just making pies and no real recipes, so just eyeing it on this one. Now we see the women trying to raise some money and Leeza Gibbons seems to think she has some good contacts. Gilbert is trying to get some comics and entertainment friends to come and get a carnival theme going outside. We see the women finish their pies and happy where they are at, but will they have big donors? The men finish for the night and Kevin is questioning Geraldo as a leader and Geraldo is doubting his donors.

DAY OF CHALLENGE: The women are heading there and Kenya questions why Keshia is not calling her TV dad (Bill Cosby) to donate some money. The men have Terrell Owens and Johnny Damon head out to hand out flyers and their celebrity status is winning over the fans. I am loving Gilbert, but Geraldo doesn’t seem impressed and sends him out to supervise the balloons.

Keshia has no clue of what is going on and is all over the place. There is no order.

Time to open the doors on The Apprentice 2015 and the customers are coming in and the donations are coming in and it looks like Geraldo is bringing in some big money. Team Infinity starts slower and lower amounts, but then the bigger checks start coming in and who knows how this is going to end up.

The Cake Boss comes in and tastes the pies for both teams and he seems to think both did a good job, but Team Vortex had a burnt crust for their sweet pie and he really seemed to enjoy the sweet pie from Team Infinity.

The women are worried about not bringing in big money. Piers comes in and he doesn’t see someone really in charge and told them to bring in that big money. He goes to see the men and he is impressed with the vibe and they seem to be bringing in some big money. Kevin calls out Lorenzo for raising no money when Piers asked. Kate missed her child support check, so she gets no donations!

BOARDROOM: Donald says he hates firing people. Keshia said Leeza had the money coming in and was a star. They all hated on Keshia the whole challenge, but then tell Trump she did a good job? Shawn said she thinks they lost, so props to her for keeping it real! Kenya said Keshia was the weakest link.

For Team Vortex, Geraldo said that Gilbert surprised him. Gilbert said that Geraldo did a good job, unless Trump thinks he did bad and then he thinks that Geraldo did a terrible job. The focus then turns to Lorenzo only raising $100.

BEST TASTING PIE: The Cake Boss tasted all the pies and he picked the women as the winner and they get $25,000 to add to their total on Celebrity Apprentice 2015.

RESULTS: Team Infinity raised $93,862 total with their bonus and Team Vortex raised $185,322, so the men win tonight on The Apprentice 2015.

The men celebrate back in their condo and now the women will fight it out. It is pointless arguing and going on for a half hour? Keshia had no order….Kate was lazy….people were eating the pies. Kenya brings up the not calling Bill Cosby thing and Keshia gets emotional about it. Think something happened there? After all that, Keshia brings Jamie and Kate in with her and one of them will be fired.

Keshia said that Jamie and Kate brought in the least amount of money. Jamie created the winning pie, so she is safe. Kate was worthless, but the project manager will be fired. Donald adds in $25,000 from his own wallet to donate to Keshia’s charity, which means she will be fired. Yup, Trump fires her and she has been eliminated and Kate and Jamie survive the cut.

What do you think of the results on The Celebrity Apprentice 2015 tonight?

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