We all know of the battle between Omarosa and Piers Morgan on their initial season of Celebrity Apprentice, but now Omarosa is back on The Apprentice 2013 as a competitor and Piers is back as a mentor to this year’s cast, which means we will get to see more and more of the fighting between the two, including in tonight’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice 2013. Come watch with us during our The Apprentice 2013 Recap and see who was fired on The Apprentice 2013!

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice - Season 13

Last week on The Apprentice 2013, we saw another celebrity (Claudia Jordan) afraid to bring Omarosa back to the boardroom with her and Claudia was fired. Why is everyone afraid of Omarosa?

Tonight it looks like Donald Trump is messing with the teams and Trace Adkins will be put on Team Power, which he is not happy about at all! He doesn’t take crap from people, so Omarosa might be put in her place this week? Find out during our recap tonight, as Celebrity Apprentice 2013 has the late start tonight of 10/9c!

We start with Omarosa saying she is smart and that is why she is never going to the boardroom. Believe her?

They meet with Trump, Eric Trump and Piers Morgan to find out tonight’s task: the teams will create a gallery event, where they will market and sell their 3-D artwork they have created. They can sell to anyone and whoever raises the most money wins. Trump then evens the teams out and Trace joins Team Power. For project managers, Team Power picks Lil Jon and Plan B picks Lisa Rinna.

The teams head to the art store to get supplies and Trace is not happy to be on Team Power because he picked Plan B and that team was kicking butt and now he is on the losing team. For Plan B, Lisa is worried about taking on a fundraising task because she doesn’t know if she can bring in the money.

Plan B then has some issues on The Apprentice 2013, as Penn Jillette wants to just get donors and not worry about what the art looks like because they will buy no matter what. Meanwhile, Stephen Baldwin wants great art for an art dealer to sell. Yeah, okay!

The teams can create anywhere from three to 15 pieces, so the more pieces the better I think. Team Power is feeling confident since Trace can bring in some big money. Dennis Rodman is making some artwork and actually doing a pretty good job. Penn is impressed with Lisa as project manager for Plan B and she is nice and busy as heck. Gary Busey then breaks out into some song and shows his crazy side, but there is something about this guy I just don’t get. Crazy or not, he is something else.

So, time for Piers Morgan comes in for his review for Team Power. Lil Jon has Brande Roderick working on accounting and not Omarosa like the first task where she screwed over the team! Piers said the person with the lowest fundraising should be fired and Omarosa agreed and then walked out on him for a phone call…they have so much tension still!

It is the gallery event day and the stores are opening on The Apprentice 2013. Trace is bringing in some big money for Team Power, but then the others are bringing in some big money as well. For Plan B, Gary’s piece gets sold for $25,000 and he is excited and crazy! Blue Man Group comes in and has jello molds and has money stashed in them. Then Penn gets a $50,000 check and yet there is nothing from Stephen Baldwin.

Omarosa is tied with Dennis Rodman on Team Power, so she sneaks away for a moment and finds $2,000 and gives it to her friend to increase the amount and get a little ahead of Dennis…she is that worried about losing! Then on Plan B, Chaz Dean comes in and spends $80,000 on three pieces, including one of Stephen’s that he was working the dealers to sell and he feels like he got ripped off since Lisa swooped in and stole it from him.

Boardroom Time: Lisa says Penn was her star and Stephen only sold $5,000 and he goes off on his rant about his piece being stolen and then it goes off because Gary raised $25,000, but it was Marilu’s contact that bought the piece. Lil Jon said he would bring back Dennis and Omarosa for raising the least amount of money. For the totals, Team Power raised $179,500 and Plan B raised $225,000! Another victory for Team Power and Lisa gets almost $405,000 for her charity on The Apprentice 2013!

Time for Team Power to fight it out. Lil Jon was proud of what he raised, but didn’t know. Omarosa now changes her tune, as she said the project manager should be fired even though she said it before that it should be the lowest fundraiser. She raised $2,000 more than Dennis, but it is also the $2,000 she took out of her purse! They are defending Dennis Rodman on this task, it seems. Piers than starts going after Omarosa and the amount of money she raised and she is not a celebrity…I love Piers! Brande said she would fire Omarosa and Trace said he would let them fight it out for a few more minutes. Who do you think should get fired on Celebrity Apprentice 2013? Omarosa in the hallway says there will be no drama, right?

It is Lil Jon, Omarosa and Dennis Rodman now battling it out to not get fired from Team Power. Lil Jon said he would like to go on with Dennis on the team. Omarosa uses that she won as project manager, but then Dennis has been there three times in a row. Dennis then stands up for himself big time and I love it. Omarosa and him bicker back and forth. Trump likes Dennis’ story more and Lil Jon raised too much money, so he fires Omarosa!!!

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