The Apprentice 2013 is back tonight and that means another night of Omarosa being Omarosa and from the looks of The Apprentice 2013 preview below for Episode 4, her head has gotten even bigger…if that is possible! It looks like Team Power is still in shock over the fact that La Toya Jackson did not bring back Omarosa to the boardroom and now it may cause even more havoc on the team for Celebrity Apprentice 2013! Check out the Celebrity Apprentice 2013 preview below and then come back tonight for our The Apprentice 2013 Live Recap to find out who was fired on The Apprentice 2013 by Donald Trump!

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice - Season 13

Here is where things stand for me: last week on The Apprentice 2013 I was starting to gain a little respect for La Toya Jackson and she seemed to be standing up to Omarosa, unlike anyone else on the team. Well that all fell to crap when Team Power lost and Trump asked who La Toya would bring back to the boardroom with her: Dennis Rodman and Brandi Roderick! WHAT??? The whole boardroom focused on how bad Omarosa was, but then you save her because you are afraid to go up against her? Stupid, stupid move and La Toya was fired.

The teams will be working with Farouk Systems Products on a marketing campaign tonight on The Apprentice 2013. The campaign will be featured in a glass truck though! Gary Busey is out to prove himself, since everyone on his team thinks he is the weakest link and Omarosa thinks her team is afraid of her, which they are…for some reason! Check out the preview here and come back tonight for our Live Recap:

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