We are back with another new episode of The Apprentice 2013 tonight and with only eight celebrities remaining each and every one of these tasks are important, so Gary Busey taking on the role of project manager tonight on Celebrity Apprentice 2013 is a big deal and will his quirky ways finally get him fired on The Apprentice 2013 spoilers? Find out during our The Apprentice 2013 Live Recap and watch with us to see who was fired on The Apprentice 2013 tonight!

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice - Season 13

Last week on Celebrity Apprentice 2013, we saw Dennis Rodman take a laid back approach to being project manager for Team Power and put a lot of trust in his whole team, including Trace Adkins who was working on all the graphic designs for the challenge. In the end, the posters had the name spelled wrong for Melania Trump and there was no way Team Power was going to win the task. Dennis Rodman was fired for putting out posters with the name spelled wrong, even though he fought hard to get Trace Adkins fired.

Tonight the celebrities will create a silent movie, which for some of them could be an easy task. It looks like Gary Busey thinks he will do well on this task and takes on the project manager role for Plan B. This should be a funny episode, so don’t miss a thing during out Live Recap starting soon!

Trace comes back and Lil Jon said he was developing a relationship with Dennis, but they need some wins and he hopes Plan B gets the feeling of a loss this week!

After Penn Jillette delivers his winning check to his charity, it is now time for the teams to find out the task this week. Trump tells them they will creating a silent movie promoting Australian Gold. It will be a 45- to 60-second silent movie and will be judged on brand messaging, product integration and creativity. Trump asked who Trace would like and he wanted Penn, but Lil Jon wanted Marilu and Trump agreed and adds Marilu to Team Power. For the project managers, Gary Busey for Plan B and Trace Adkins for Team Power and the winning project manager will get $40,000 for their charity.

Plan B starts planning and Gary wants to stay traditional to the 1920s silent movies. The team wants to be more modern, but Gary thinks it is a difference of artistic ability. For Team Power, Brande Roderick wants to do something about the history of Australian Gold. Lil Jon said the bear of Australian Gold needs to be used because it was not in his initial season. Trace comes up with a caveman and he was not happy because he always has a sunburn and then move him along a timeline to the present, but his team does not seem interested!

The executives come in to talk to Plan B on All Stars Celebrity Apprentice 2013 and Gary asks some crazy questions, but the executives say they love him. They say the bronzer is the best-selling product and the koala bear is a huge thing for their company. The executives come to Team Power and Lil Jon asks all the questions and Trace seems annoyed and walks away. He just wants to implement what they have come up with and stop wasting time asking them questions. Lil Jon said they need to do sun enthusiasts and Trace wants to do the caveman theme.

For Plan B…we get it, Gary is nuts! He has thoughts, but they are all over the place and he wants all of them to be a part of it and no specific director. For Team Power, Trace decides to focus on brand messaging and creativity and work the products into the final picture and Lil Jon is not happy about the decision, but it is on Trace as project manager. They finally come up with an idea and will have some prince save the day, who knows.

Gary and Lisa will go shopping and Stephen and Penn will go to the studio to get a shot list for the movie, which Lisa thinks should be Gary’s duty. Gary wants to wear a suit, while everyone else is wearing beachwear. They go out shopping and Lisa convinces him to get some board shorts and a Hawaiian shirt for the video on The Apprentice 2013.

Team Power gets to their studio and they picked up props along the way and will have four models their to include in the shoot. Lil Jon will direct the shoot and Marilu is guiding the models with what they need to do. Trace said Marilu is on 11 all the time and Trace is at a high of 2 at times!

Penn and Stephen are working on the shot list and they are not clicking on any ideas and Stephen seems to be calling the shots. For Team Power, their are women in their bikinis and Trace is a happy man.

Donald Trump, Jr. comes in to Plan B to check out what they are doing. He said they seem very relaxed and not stressed for time. He liked using a celebrity and Lisa in the commercial. Ivanka Trump for to Team Power and she loved seeing Trace in the caveman costume. She thinks it is a good concept, but needs to be executed well in order to work.

Gary wants a koala bear incorporated into the movie, but then no one is taking charge and Stephen decides to take the reins and starts calling the shots. They start doing the shots and Stephen has taken over, so it is his game now to lose, right?

Team Power is working on their different shots and they have a lot to do, so trying to work fast but Marilu keeps interrupting and putting them behind. They are trying to get the shots over to the editor, but he wants the last shot of the products, which he thinks is the most important shot of the day. He gets it done and they have it done in time.

Now on The Apprentice 2013, Team Power is stuck in traffic as they try to get to the editor to look over the shots and make a movie. Plan B is now editing and Stephen and Penn get into it and Penn wants to speed it up to make up for what Stephen did boring, but he is not having it. For Team Power, Marilu and Brande are freaking out, but Lil Jon and Trace are being very calm. They get it done and are happy how it worked out. They got there late, but they got done quickly. Plan B comes up with a video they all like and worked together to get it done.

Time for the presentations of their movies to the executives. Plan B is first and Gary comes in carrying the koala bear. They seemed to use their messaging in it, but it made no sense to me and I am not a fan of this movie. Team Power comes in and their video is much better and the executives were laughing and seemed to like it. I think Team Power may have stopped their losing streak??? The executives meet with Trump and they wanted to see more of the products from Plan B and wanted to see the products earlier from Team Power.

Board Room Time on The Apprentice 2013: Gary said he loved being project manager and he thought everyone on the team was a star and confident they won. Stephen said it was the most creative and collaborative task he has ever participated in on Celebrity Apprentice. Trump questions why Gary was the accountant as project manager, but then he proceeds to go on some rant about doing three things at one time and then never stops talking.

For Team Power, Trace said he came up with the idea. Marilu said they had a great time on her new team. Lil Jon said they weren’t at a disadvantage based on Gary’s experience, but Marilu has just as much experience. The executives loved both teams and had a hard time to pick a winner. The teams check out each other’s video before getting the results on The Apprentice 2013. Looking back at the videos, I am not so sure about the Team Power victory. The winning team tonight on Celebrity Apprentice 2013 is Team Power and the losing streak is over and Trace gets $40,000 more for his charity!

Now time for Plan B to fight it out in the boardroom. They all think their video is still better and think it falls on the project manager. It all comes down to the fact that they didn’t highlight the products enough and they all decided to not do that, so who does he fire? Gary will bring back Stephen and Penn, so Lisa is safe this week for sure. They all think Gary did an amazing job, so could Stephen be fired?

Trump said someone is going to be fired, but they did an amazing job and don’t feel bad about it. Gary said that Stephen was the director and he did not put the product in the movie. Trump asked why he brought back Penn and Gary said he was asked to bring back two and he should not be fired, so Trump agrees and sends back Penn, so down to Gary and Stephen. Trump is harping on the fact that Stephen said Gary did an amazing job as project manager. Because of that and he did not put the product in as director, Stephen Baldwin is fired on The Apprentice 2013 tonight!

Who do you think trump should have fired tonight?

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