Get ready to meet Mrs. Trump tonight on The Apprentice 2013 as the final nine celebrities will work with Melania Trump in designing a campaign to help launch her new skin care line (Donald Trump brings all his family onto the show to help promote them, huh). With Omarosa fired last week, we should have a less drama-filled Celebrity Apprentice 2013 tonight then, right? I doubt it, but find out during our The Apprentice 2013 Live Recap tonight and watch with us to see who was fired on The Apprentice 2013!

The Apprentice 2013 - Episode 6

Last week on The Apprentice 2013, the teams had to create works of “art” and sell them. Pretty much it was a battle of who knew more rich people to come donate and buy some lame piece of art the celebrities created. Plan B won again and we found Omarosa in the boardroom again, but this time Trump fired her and everyone screamed in joy!

I’m sure the focus will go to Gary Busey tonight on All Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013, seeming Omarosa is gone and we have to have at least one crazy on the show! Find out tonight with our Live Recap starting soon!

Here we go…Dennis and Lil Jon come back and Brande Roderick is ecstatic that Omarosa is gone, but isn’t everyone? She wants to prove that it was Omarosa that was bringing them down and they would have been winning if she wasn’t there. The bad seed is gone, but will they start winning now?

It is the next morning and the celebrities head over to Trump Tower to find out about tonight’s task, where Trump is there with his wife, Melania Trump, and they will help create a two-page advertorial and display for her skin care line. The project managers: Dennis Rodman for Team Power and Penn Jillette for Plan B. They will be judges on creativity and overall presentation. The winning manager will get $40,000 for their charity.

Melania comes in to talk with Team Power on The Apprentice 2013. Dennis then asks if he can go up to her bathroom to see what she uses and Trace thinks Dennis just needs to shut up. For Plan B, they ask what type of woman it is for and they said businesswoman, everyday lady and mothers. Gary then asked a crazy question, but that is a given right?

For Team Power, they are all lost and Dennis is not taking control of anything. On Plan B, Penn is more worried about the slogan than presentation. They come up with “Feed your skin with Caviar” and he sends out Marilu Henner and Lisa Rinna to go out and get all the supplies. Dennis and Lil Jon are out shopping for everything gold for Team Power to get their display looking like royalty.

Marilu and Lisa are not a fan of their slogan, so they call Penn and he came up with “Let the skin taste your luxury” and they love it. We all want to root for Dennis, right? It is rough to see! Trace then comes up with “Simply…Melania” as their slogan and wants to keep it simple. Which one is better???

Ivanka Trump comes in to talk with Team Power on All Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013 and she notices Dennis has delegated a lot to Trace for the advertising, but she likes it and thinks Melania will as well. It is clean and simple. The ladies get back from shopping for Plan B and they need to get started on the photos for their advertising. Eric Trump comes to check on Plan B and Penn is a little rude with him and calling out everyone for talking with Eric and not working.

Lil Jon normally works with the graphic designer, but now it is all on Trace Adkins and Lil Jon is happy to have that pressure off of him. Dennis looks them over and he gives his approval, so we shall see. It is a simple campaign, so not sure. Ivanka said she might like it on The Apprentice 2013.

It is presentation day and Plan B sees their display and loves it, as does Team Power, but they spelled Melania’s name wrong on the posters!!! It’s Melania, not Milania!

Plan B does their presentation and Penn makes it awkward at the end and then Gary makes it even worse. Stephen Baldwin says if they don’t win they he is ready to call everyone out.

Team Power comes in and all te Trumps are staring at the spelling error and it was just awkward again. Well, it looks like another loss for Team Power then???

Boardroom Time: Dennis said he is a great supporter of a good cast. Trump said Brande did a good job presenting and Melania thinks she is fantastic. For Plan B, Penn said that Marilu and Lisa were an amazing team for him. Gary then said he would be a spokesperson for the product! Stephen said that Penn was a great leader. Trump seemed to like both of the slogans.

He then shares the presentations with both teams and Plan B notices that the spelling is wrong. It is on now!!! None of Team Power noticed it, but how could you not? It was at the top of the poster and their main message. For their critiques, they did not like Plan B calling Melania a spokesperson. For Team Power, Ivanka starts explaining it and Trump cuts her off and says Team Power lost because they spelled her name wrong, but that was a given right? Plan B wins and Penn wins money for his charity!

It comes down to the spelling and who is responsible for it: Trace or Dennis? Dennis was the project manager and he approved it, but Trace was responsible for all the posters. This is huge, but I think it falls on Dennis and he is a goner. Who do you think will be fired on The Apprentice 2013 tonight? And why can’t Team Power win? Trump lets Dennis just bring Trace back, which makes sense since it will be one of them fired.

The guys come back in and Dennis said it always falls back on the presentation and Dennis focused on that. Trace said he is embarrassed for all four of them for not catching the spelling error. Dennis said it all falls on Trace for having that task. Trump said every week they bring Dennis into the boardroom and every week he saves him, but he can’t this week and Dennis Rodman is fired on The Apprentice 2013. Do you like the choice?

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