The Amazing Race 22 kicked off last week on CBS and the eleven new teams made their way to Bora Bora, but with some hot heat that made some of the teams question how bad they want to be the winner of The Amazing Race Season 22. Tonight the teams continue to take on the conditions of Bora Bora and we could see some injuries and some teams worried about swimming! Find out who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013 during my The Amazing Race 22 Live Recap tonight!

The Amazing Race 2013 - Episode 2 Preview

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 22, CBS duped us into believing that three teams quit during the first leg of the race! They were partly correct, but they did not completely quit the race, which is what it was made to look like. No, three teams all gave up on one challenge during the first leg and they all decided to take the same penalty and fight it out during the last leg of the race. Matthew and Daniel were feeling pretty confident that they could build a canoe and beat the other two teams across the water. They were wrong and couldn’t keep the canoe up and ended up being the first team eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013!

Tonight the adventures continue in Bora Bora, but it looks like Idries and Jamil question their ability to swim and stay in the water. How can you go on The Amazing Race and not be able to swim? We have another team that hurts themselves while sprinting to the finish line on this leg of the race. Will that hurt their chances as the season continues on?

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