We have two hours of The Amazing Race 22 tonight to get through before we find out who won The Amazing Race Season 22! We have four teams left on The Amazing Race 2013: Bates & Anthony (Hockey Brothers), Mona & Beth (Roller Derby Moms), Max & Kate (Newlyweds) and Caroline & Jen (Country Singing Sisters). After one elimination in Northern Island, the final three teams will race through Washington, D.C. in hopes of winning the $1 million prize. Watch it with us during our The Amazing Race 22 Live Recap and see who wins The Amazing Race 2013 tonight!

The Amazing Race 22 Finale

We saw Joey & Meghan (Team YouTube) eliminated last week on The Amazing Race 2013 Season 22 and just one step away from making it to the finale! It was interesting because I thought for sure it would be Mona and Beth leaving us, since they had to endure a Speed Bump and a U-Turn, but they came back strong and checked in with host Phil Keoghan before Team YouTube.

So, who takes home the crown tonight? We made our predictions earlier and hope we are wrong, but it just seems like the way it has gone the past few weeks. The teams will start out heading to Northern Ireland for one more leg of the race, which appears to feature some bog snorkeling and lots of mud! One team will be eliminated there and the final three teams will head to Washington, D.C. for a race of our nation’s capital to complete tasks and be the first team to check-in with Phil. Who wins The Amazing Race 22 tonight? Find out in our Live Recap starting soon!

Here we go…we take a look back at the events from this season before we kick things off tonight. Then a look at the four remaining teams. Who are you rooting for tonight?

Max and Katie kick things off on the way to capital of Northern Ireland. The hockey brothers think the roller derby moms are the strongest team left, so they want them gone this leg. All the teams arrived at the train station and they all have to wait until the next day to head by Belfast.

The teams all get their cars and head out for the next clue. Max and Katie lead the pack and the hockey brothers are following. The roller derby moms and country singers head in the opposite direction, but Max and Katie and Bates and Anthony are right and get the clue. It is a Road Block: they are bog snorkeling in a pit of mud and complete a lap in under four minutes!

Katie is snorkeling, Anthony is also. Mona has to do the Road Block to even it out. Anthony gets it done on the first time and they will now head to The Thing With A Ring! Katie finishes on her first attempt as well. Mona went crazy, but she finished on first attempt and now Jen takes her attempt. Jen is not successful on her first attempt and must do it again and doesn’t want to do it again.

Jen gets out of the water on the second attempt and doesn’t think she can do it. Max and Katie get to the next clue, a Road Block: Tray It, where they will serve five courses actually served on the Titantic and served in the correct order and dish, or Spray It, where they will finish one side of a skate park graffiti wall as it looks in a picture. They all decide to do Tray It while Jen is still thinking of completing the snorkeling.

Max and Katie get started on the serving and they almost screw up, but Katie catches the mistake and they get the first course served properly. Caroline and Jen do some praying and Jen tries it all again. It worked because she completes it.

Bates and Anthony get started and send out a bad first course. Max and Katie get their second course done properly. Beth and Mona start serving, but are getting the menu reading wrong as well. Bates gets the first course completed as Max gets the third course completed. Mona serves a bad first course.

Bates completes second course and Max is done with fourth course. Beth and Mona are doing it all wrong! Anthony spills his tray, so he has to go back and get more food! Caroline and Jen can’t find The Thing With A Ring!

Max gets rejected on the fifth course, but Bates completes the third course. Mona is rejected again on the first course! Bates gets fourth course completed. Bates gets rejected on fifth course. Max gets it correct and they get the next clue, as Bates gets rejected again and he is ticked off at Anthony!

The last clue is to head to Ulster Hall for the Pit Stop for this leg of The Amazing Race 22. Caroline and Jen are going to do Spray It, so it could help them pass Beth and Mona who can’t get the first course right. Bates finally gets the last course served and they get the clue. Somehow they catch up to Max and Katie, but they get to Phil first and check in as team number one and Bates and Anthony are team number two! Max and Katie win a trip to the Dominican Republic.

Caroline and Jen have a breakdown getting lost and can’t find the skate park and Mona has a breakdown because they can’t get the courses right! Who will prevail on The Amazing Race Season 22?

Mona comes back and tells Beth about the list in front and finally has the correct way to serve them and of course the country singers arrive as the skate park and start spray painting. Mona gets second course served and then gets the third one correct. Cartoline and Jen have to sharpen up some edges on the drawing as Mona serves the last course correctly. The country singers get the painting approved and now a foot race to see who gets to Ulster Hall first!

The headlights are on the cars for Caroline and Jen, so even though they appear to be close they really aren’t! Mona and Beth check-in with Phil are the third team and are moving on to the finale! Caroline and Jen check-in with Phil as the last team and have been eliminated on The Amazing Race 22!

For the second half of the show, the teams will now head to London to get the next clue. All the teams get to the ferry and an even playing field again.

The teams get to the bar and get the next clue, which is to head to Washington, D.C. and figure out their next clue is on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. They all get to the airport and must wait until 5:15 am to buy tickets, so more waiting for them!

Team landed in Washington, D.C. and all heading out again. Max and Katie get the clue first, which is to head to 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue. Mona and Beth are next and then Bates and Anthony behind them. Apparently the President will be giving them the next clue????

Max and Katie get to 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, but then the taxi driver took Mona and Beth to the actual White House and then get out to get to 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue. Bates and Anthony get to 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue. Katie takes the picture and will now head to The Tidal Basin for the next clue, but then Mona and Beth are searching for 1100 and know they are screwed! Can they make this time up?

We get the picture from Bates and Anthony as Mona and Beth arrive. Max and Katie get to the next clue and it is a Road Block: they must use a secret clue and exchange it with one of 50 spies around the Basin and then use their memory to get the password to open the briefcase. Max does it and Bates does it. Mona and Beth get their pictures and head out.

Bates finds the briefcase first and they will use the order they finished in New Zealand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Bates and Anthony kept track of everything and Bates looks it up and gets it unlocked and they head out to National Stadium for the next clue. Mona and Beth get to the Basin as they leave, but Max is struggling so can Beth get it first?

Bates and Anthony get to the clue and they will being playing ball! One will be suspended high above the stadium and throw a ball to their partner, who is dressed up as a big baseball. They have to successfully catch one ball to get the next clue!

Anthony is flying and Bates is catching. Beth gets the briefcase and then Max gets his! Who can open it first? They both took good notes and get it opened right away and head to the stadium on The Amazing Race 22.

Bates and Anthony finish and will now head to Hains Point, but then Max catches and Katie throws. Bates and Anthony get to the final challenge, where one team member will search through a huge box of globes and find all ten countries they visited and then put them in the right order. Anthony does it.

Mona does the flying and Beth catches as Max catches their ball and head out, but Anthony can’t find any globes with a country on it!

Anthony can’t find Indonesia in the bin, but then on the 17th attempt Beth finally catches the ball. No other teams have arrived and Bates and Anthony get it done and get the next clue, which is to head to George Washington’s Mount Vernon for the final check-in. Do we have a clear winner then???

Max starts digging for the globes and Beth does the same. Max is struggling, so they switch it up and Katie finds them super quick and they head to the check-in, but too late! Bates and Anthony get to the finish line and have checked in as team number one and they have won The Amazing Race 22! This is who I wanted to win!

Max and Katie check-in as team number two and Beth and Mona check-in as team number three, which is very impressive still. They completed all the legs, so more power to the roller derby moms!

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