CBS tricked us into believing that three teams quit during The Amazing Race 22 premiere last week, but that was not the case…sort of and now we have ten teams racing for the $1 million prize on The Amazing Race 2013. Phil Keoghan is back tonight with another episode of The Amazing Race Season 22 and the contestants remain in Bora Bora for another challenge that will have teams wanting to quit! Find out who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013 during my The Amazing Race 22 Live Recap tonight!

The Amazing Race 2013 - Episode 2

Last week on The Amazing Race 22, we saw some new faces make their way onto the race around the world. They all have their special relationships among them, whether they are twin doctors or newlyweds or father and son who both survived cancer. We have the team that will probably annoy me: Max and Katie. The team I am rooting to win: David and Connor and the team that will probably win: Bates and Anthony. There are some strong competitors this season, but it also looks like we have some weak teams, like the three that gave up on one of the challenges last week because it was too hot for them! How long do you think they will last?

Tonight on The Amazing Race 2013 we get to see another team wanting to call it quits because the water is too scary for them. Did he not think there would be some water challenges on The Amazing Race Season 22? Sometimes I just to slap people and that will happen tonight on The Amazing Race 22!

Here we go…the second leg starts by Jessica and John getting the clue and the teams will take a water taxi to Motu Toopua Nui and get a blessing, however the water taxi does not depart until 7:30 am. All of the teams except Max and Katie and Caroline and Jen do not get there before the takeoff because of their penalty from week 1.

Dave and Connor talk to Jessica and John about the Express Pass and they want to make sure the alliance stays between the five teams and if not, they won’t give them the pass! How unfair is that?

The teams race to find the wedding chapel and Dave and Connor find it first and get the next clue, which is a Detour. They can either pick a pearl and harvest pearls. They must find two red pearls in the bunch and once they do, they will swim to the pearl farmer to get the next clue. Or they can take a trunk, where they will dive and find a treasure trunk and apparently construct a dining experience underwater!

Beth and Mona choose Pick a Trunk and all the other teams do Pick a Pearl. When they get out there though, Dave and Connor realize that they didn’t grab the gear on the island and must go back! They just went from first to last in this group of teams!

The teams are searching and Meghan and Joey have a system of him bringing her a string to the boat and she opens the shells there, but it is working because they found the first pearl. Bates and Anthony follow with their first red pearl, but then Jamil and Idries argue it out about taking a six hour penalty because they are afraid of the water!

Idries talks Jamil into diving in the water and trying. The other teams will be starting only an hour and a half behind, despite their four hour penalty because of the water taxis departing later.

Joey and Meghan get the two pearls first and then it is Jessica and John, Bates and Anthony and Dave and Connor (they came back strong). Beth and Mona complete their restaurant underwater and get their clue, but how fast did they do it?

Max and Katie and Caroline and Jen take off and not too far behind a couple of the teams! The four teams get to their jet skis and head out and are loving it. The final two teams decide to work together reminiscent of last season! Pam and Winnie get their two pearls and head out to the jet skis. Max and Katie are worried about the country singers and they won’t work together with them, but both teams just want to beat the other one to the finish line.

The first four teams arrive to the next clue and must get on stilts and kicking a coconut. They must kick it 35 yards away. If they fall off, they can leave the coconut there but must go back to the beginning and walk back on stilts.

The last two teams are doing the restaurant under water. Bates and Anthony finish the coconut first and rush to the check-in with Dave and Connor and Jessica and John right behind them. Bates and Anthony win and as they run up there, Dave thinks he ruptures his achilles! They finish second and Jessica and John in third, but will Dave be able to keep in The Amazing Race 22? Joey and Meghan check-in at number four and Chuck and Wynona finish in fifth.

Now to the others and Pam and Winnie are very lost. Max and Katie finish their restaurant first and head out a little before Caroline and Jen. Idries and Jamil give up on the pearls and head to the restaurant!

Beth and Mona finish their coconut kick and check in sixth. Pam and Winnie start kicking coconuts and then Max and Katie arrive with Caroline and Jen right behind them.

Caroline finishes it right away and they check in at number seven. Max then finishes and they finish team number eight.

Now it is down to Pam and Winnie and Idries and Jamil. Pam finally gets the coconut across and they check in as team number ten. Jamil gets the coconut across finally and they check in as the last team on The Amazing Race 2013 and they have been eliminated on The Amazing Race 22!

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