New teams and new twists as The Amazing Race 22 premieres tomorrow night on CBS with Phil Keoghan back as host, but who are the new teams on The Amazing Race 2013? We have some The Amazing Race 22 spoilers and you can see the new teams in the picture below. There are 11 teams that will be traveling to nine countries in The Amazing Race Season 22, but who wins The Amazing Race 22? Check out the competition below!

Amazing Race 22 Cast

For the new twist on The Amazing Race 2013, there will be an extra Express Pass up for grabs! The winning team of the first leg of the race will not only get an Express Pass for themselves, but they will also get a second one to give to the team of their choice. Not only does that help that team, but it is a huge strategy for the winning team. An early alliance will be formed!

For the new cast of The Amazing Race 22, CBS is claiming to have the most diverse cast ever. With the gay couple winning it last season, can we expect more diversity this season? We will see best friends that are firefighters as well, a father and son that both have survived cancer, Roller Derby moms, some YouTube stars and twins that are both OB/GYNs.

Season 21 was amazing and brought a lot of drama and hatred for The Twinnies, so who will that couple be this season? We have 11 to choose from, so I am sure one will stick out in The Amazing Race 22 premiere tomorrow night on CBS!

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